Saturday, December 20, 2008

I swear - our first song (sample)

Hey buddies ;)
I am now a part of a band called PRISTINE
This is a sample of our first track
This is a raw sample please bear with the recording quality ;)

Am looking forward for your feedback :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I stood at the lane
by the pond
with an ice cream cone
Britney started singing
in my headphones

She was with him
when i reached.
Their privacy,
I hadbreached

"I think I did it again.
I made you believe
We're more than just friends."

I was sure
they were into the game
The passion, if real
would have put
the best of lovers to shame

"O BabyIt might seem like crush
But it doesnt mean
That am serious"
I was about to start
with the thought lingering
had started singing

"Oops i did it again to your heart! "

Sometime later,
she broke the bond and joined
thousands of her kind
in the pond

broken was the
bond of beleif
and the DEW DROP
had ditched

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I penned an elegy

I watched
as the healer
tried to
cure him

He who
made a
out of a mess

He who taught me
to fight with
the shield and a sword
a shield of ink and
a sword of words

Now he lay
his chances dim,
He who was once
so sound and grim

A strike of sorrow
did creep
and a tear or
two did peep

He was a friend
a friend so great
He was a PEN

My soul mate

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Discrete Diwali

A careful combination
of the ingredients
fell into hands
that crafted with

And finished
with a topping.

Thousands of them
they made,
For making these
they were paid.

Finally the moment
with the allowance
in hand
they took to their heels
For this was to be a
day with three meals.

Crackers are made in a Tamil city called Sivakasi. A sad yet true fact is that this industry hosts the greatest number of child laborers in Tamilnadu who earn a meager amount by rolling the gunpowder into crackers and the only part on the year they are paid well is during Diwali.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fairy in Disguise

Yet another
rainy night
I walked through
muddy streets
sans light

Thunder lord
sent his brigade
Then, you were
my sole comrade

And the wind blew
with all its might
I held you tight

You stopped the
rains from drenching
my torso
And stood
by my side wherso

For me,
you were the
fairy from Cinderella
But people say
you are just
an umbrella

Friday, October 17, 2008

Skilled yet killed

Standing by the
side of the road
I was awe struck
at the way you rode

Handling the throttle,
break and lights
with indomitable
elegance and might

Wondering at the
skills you stage
My routine has
seldom changed

But yoou pass me by
considering me a menace
Always with a
grin of ignorance

Look out!

Oh my dear!
Perhaps you should
have read me,
the sign board,
I was no menace
but was your hoard,
For this was what i bore

Drinking kills
Driving skills

Be it a bacardi blast
or a tequila shot
The sign holds still!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dad's boot

One, tip toed
into the corridor
and lifted,
while the other
had inherited.

One glad with
the achievement
The other sobbing
over the pavement

One tumbling to walk
with the new loot
The other in
an inevitable mute
too young for
dad's boots

One tried out of
The other
on account of
food scarcity!

Dedicated to all young foots inside their respective dads' boots, instead of their own.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I watched
penetrating deep
into my body

It sucked all the
gore. I cried in pain
After a while
it sent the gore
back into the vein

I was told
it would make me
feel better
With blood
absorbed and imbued
I probe it bitter

creation of
the Almighty's
And they call
A dialysis

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Comrade with a difference

Right from the moment
I arrived in, I had
set my eyes on him
He was perfect,
stayed near the window
neat and prim

He was only a
few yards away
and only an old lady
was in between
I wondered how long
she was to stay

At the next station
she left
raising her eyebrow
I was tickled at the
very thought that
he was all mine now

A few stations
had passed
and mine was next
bidding adieu
so much gloomy
that I almost wept

Still I had to go
beyond my station
in a suburban train
will lead to nothing
but mere frustration

By now,
someone would have
taken him, it rather
HE is a seat near
the window, about
whom, only I bother

For all the "My dear window seat" maniacs

Monday, September 22, 2008

Of open temples and unseen idols

They invited
at least a hundred
for their
striking skin tone
and blond hair

Their eyes gleaming
with awe
at the sculptures
and the magnificent
Indian architecture.

The hearts filled
with joy to see
the legendary goddess
came to a stand still
at the thought of
the long awaited moment
now becoming abyss

Since a note
mounted on the wall
"Only Hindus
are allowed beyond
this level"

Racism with
a difference?
Or perhaps
revenge for the
unforgettable arrogance?

I happened to see the temple authorities at the Madurai Meenakshi Temple denying darshan to a group of foreigners (of course whites as they prefer calling them) since only Hindus were allowed the darshan of the chief god and goddess.I strongly believe such an act is to be condemned at any cost. How ever they were allowed to see the other parts of the temple. "Unforgettable arrogance" here means the English reign in India.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pony tail

Ages since
i felt your
the gentle kiss
and the
passionate stroke,
it was a bliss

you are here
I am feeling
at ease
Savoring your subtle
as and when
I please

I was longing
for this
very moment
You had gone
far, leaving me
to lament

you turned into
a plat and moved
down, leaving
just a trail

doing so,
you had always
made me wail!

Thus said my neck
to the pony tail!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prisoner of war

Eventually, they put an end
to their sleepless nights
They called it freedom, and
I was denied the rights

The right to go to school
holding HIS finger tight
The right to cuddle in HER
lap on a Saturday night

I am a Scape goat
Lying on the altar
That is what it feels like
To be a prisoner of this war

A war sans weapons
A war sans blood shed
Just a war of words
That leaves me dead!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Pearls of salted
water drenching
my body
I repent

A chill striking
my spine at the
same instant
I relish

A heart
repenting the

and a mind
savoring the

Ah! Leading to
an Absolution!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Similarity is no sin

Two similar parts
passionately bounded
into one
Ruining away
the probability
of a son!

It was HE
who made this
her sin
was none!

A mere
Change of one
chromosome seldom
makes much difference

Stop female infanticide!

N.B. Females have XX chromosomes i.e. 2 similar parts and males have XY chromosomes i.e. 2 dissimilar parts.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Am Tagged! yay! ;)

Well my first tag :D from Sid ;)
Thanx buddy :P

8 things i am passionate about

My family (wins hands down!) - muah mom, dad n srini :)

My poetry

My Cursive handwriting!

My stamps

My letters - i mean letters i get!(or perhaps got! no one writes to me these days :( )

My books

Genetic Algorithms


8 things i wanna do before i die

Travel to Angkor Wat - Cambodia

Visit the Mohenjodaro remains!

Try taming a dog! :(

Meet Steve Waugh

Meet Harsha Bhogle

Meet Wasim Akram

Wish all my friends a Happy B'day atleast once exactly on their B'day :-| - I SELDOM DO THAT :(

Publish a book :)

8 things i often say

Oh cumon!

Ought to!

Wat da heck are u doin?

Goyyala ;) (ahemm i cannot say u wat dis means :P )

Dhoda ;) (

Where are my spectacles?

Thanx a ton!

Ennadhu sinnapullathanamalla irukku :-o : A popular tamil comedy dialogue which means, cumon behave like a grown up n stop kiddin ;)

8 books i always love reading again and again

Harry potter and the Half blood Prince

Sands of time by Sidney Sheldon

Leadership wisdom by Robim Sharma

Nothing Lasts forever by Sidney Sheldon

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Wings of fire by APJ Abdul Kalam

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens ;)

And yeah Robinson Crusoe :P

8 songs i love

Mama Africa - Akon

Black or White - MJ

Powerless - Nelly Furtado

Addicted - Enrique Iglesias

To love a woman - Enrique Iglesias and Lionel Richie

Aadat - Atif Aslam

Vellai pookal ulagam endrum malarave - A. R. Rehman

Kadavul Ullame - Uma Ramanan

Nd i tag


Madhav Sir



(Sry culdnt find more! ) :(

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The cell named orphan!

At last
My diligence paid,
As I
Passed the peril,
Inside which
you were laid


I lay here
Pining your arrival
your advent denotes
my survival


fusion is
And the two cells
become one


Alike others
nurtured in the womb
for the same span
thrown into the
trash can


Condemning parents(?) disowning the new born rather than aborting at an earlier stage

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Stumbled inside
the barriers,
toiled until it
left the carriers


Endurance rewarded
and it saves lives
Cures ailments, sans
blood and knives



P.S. Barriers refer to the two mirrors used in the production of laser and carrier to the medium in which laser is produced before being let out [:)]

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Neither do i drink elixir
and breathe neon
Nor did God gift me
with additional neurons

Didn't your genes bear
the literacy that mine did?
Then why is it that
I am being forbid?

We went to school
dressed in similar skirts
but, you have no clue
how much it hurts

When I deserve it
more than you do
and they say they
have it RESERVED for you!

P.S. No offense meant to the deserving candidates of reservation. This poem is for people who have been well educated for generations but still make use of the reservations!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bloody betrayal

His ghostly eyes
denying solace
Sucking life out
in a slow pace

Teeth of betrayal
piercing my pelt
Despite the tremors
pleading, i knelt

No heads tilt
No blood spilt
I savored in silence
The vampire kiss

Sunday, June 29, 2008

maRRiage and buRial

Auspicious unison
of two souls
Where joy is felt
two folds


A heavenly journey
to be traveled alone
Adieu of sorrow
a reason to mourn


that maRRiage has two
and buRial has one

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stringed stories!

Lucid depictions of
mythological personage
Enlivened narrations
from behind the stage!
Where even knights fought
fastened by a lace
Cardboard and fabrics
were crafted to such grace!
Now that they
remain virtual
And to catch a glimpse
into the web we dwell!
The Puppet shows!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


His elegant fingers
enacted the answer
My eyes showed
zest,it was clear

Speaking a different tongue
this was how i managed
Gifted with speech
yet orally challenged!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Dad is proud
When he withdraws
And I fill the last word across
In the crossword!



Knowledge thirst?
Hunger strikes harder
Abandoning books
Triggers I pull!

For the child terrorists!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blooming bud

Easing out of this
trauma virulent
Bestowed into me
by a heedless parent

I try to STRIVE!

Fighting the woes
as a solitary knight
I visualize my
future unfolding bright

I still SURVIVE!

Craving to be an
efflorescent bud
No matter if HIV
is in my blood

I shall REVIVE!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Brand new world

Peculiar Faces

Timidness untold


Then the day came

We shook hands

All were the same


Scary superiors

Failing tongue

I did feel inferior


Lamenting season

Broken hearts

Without any reason


Not a tower of sand

Delicate friendships

Staying hand in hand


Moments of joy

Odes of tear

For the girl and the boy


But just a small

World this is

No gate and no wall



Desperate attempts
to make it fly
End in vain
again I sigh

Fighting the wind
like I fight Math
The kite goes up, but is
butchered by wind's wrath

You stand there wiping
my tears as they roll by
Assuring that u shall be
the wind and let my kite fly

Now i know my friend
you have kept the promise
It is you holding my kite
in the sky, post your demise

P.S. ASWATH this is again for you!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Frenzied Fantasy

Aspirations I have
To fabricate with zeal
A better tomorrow, and
have mysteries unveiled

I shall groom the system
That convicts the sinless
And protect the legacy
Suing the shameless

No fake promises
I shall make
And mint will fail
For i am awake

I shall take a chance
Bail me out of these woes
I am another Lincoln
But still mending shoes

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kudos Muthu

Hey this one z too gud Muthu though i read t twice to get wat u meant :)
And friends muthu did this on the spot when i gave him the topic BOOKS!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Antonymous actions

Slender torso
Detecting tense
Glorious pelt
Claiming cognizance

Our hands stay
contiguous in prayer
Beholding your inscription
on a stone layer

But when you are
spotted sentient
You are handled with
a rod and let to lament

Not that we are indignant
to slay you as a gang
That is because
you have a FANG!!!!

Nd i was talking about a SNAKE[:D]

Monday, May 26, 2008


Diverse delicacies
Scattered on the table
Carcinoma gnawing
End of the fable


A pot of gruel
Four pairs of hands
Somber hut
Peace lands


Sunday, May 25, 2008

U Act and I react

It spins around
for a while
To stop it your weapon
moves in style


This time it does
not touch the ground
Unfortunately you
miss it around


And finally it has
made the way through
You depart in despair
Leaving the rest to the crew


Just a thought of a batsman playing Spin, missing a Full toss and getting bowled out with a yorker
Perhaps putting ROSS TAYLOR in place

Saturday, May 24, 2008


There you lay immobile
leaving desires unfilled
Deserting the hearts, which
still deny that you are killed

But why should i savor
all the despair and agony
For i can still feel your
immortal hands pulling my pony

Dedicated to my dear friend Aswath who passed away last nite.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Horcruxes are receptacles in which a malicious wizard has hidden parts of his soul and the wizard can be destroyed only when the horcruxes are destroyed. Here man is the wizard and the receptacles are the seven deadly sins.

Knocking the kid with the car
Life dripping through his vein
Vanished! His LUST for alcohol
The drink had made him insane

Glued to the box of chocolates
He couldn't deny the GLUTTONY
But struck at the sight of the slum
He decided to feed the needy

His GREED for money would be served
If he helped the developers to clean the mess
But the drop of his humanity settled to
Rather help the shelter less

No more fingers picking papers
If no papers on the road
He killed his SLOTH to help them
Now their rears carry book load

Fiercely he walked out with the ball
That had broke his window and a tile
But the WRATH disappeared
on seeing the innocent smile

Unable to beat his foe
He sat gloomy and helpless
All his ENVY faded
When his foe was generous

They recognized his work
And no wonder PRIDE abide
Pride turned to modesty
On seeing an unapproved beside

Thus he destroyed the horcruxes
To be as virtuous as he can
And realized that this is
When a man turns HUMAN

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I am

To serve your
savior i was

Am inside
the hindu

Am wid the people
of the cross and the

Am the source
of living for
the poor

And for the rich
am just a

For the branded
saviors of their

Tender fingers
user me to serve
them in the street

I had helped
those tender fingers
better i wish

Alas am helpless
being just


This is not gonna be a story covering the well known facts about Tanjore like the architectural marvel at the Brahaedeshwara temple and the view tower at Tanjore PALACE(?!?!?). (Don't ever wonder why those confusions are for. U can very well understand why the confusion arose when u personally visit the tanjore palace.)
All am gonna try do here is tell you some quick facts that have never been as popular as the Temple and the palace yet really fascinating or rather i should say i was DUMB STRUCK at some of them. I can group them as "FOUR FACTS U NEVER KNEW ABOUT TANJORE" better.;)


"Raja Raja Chola"

This name is inevitable when there is a reference to Tanjore. But i was awe struck to hear that the last dominant ruler of Tanjore (1798-1832) hailed from Maharashtra. When the history books (as far as Mr. Joseph had taught me) did not refer about any ruler conquering Tanjore at that period, i dug a little deep into da library to know that King Serfoji (popularly King Saraboji) was adopted by the then tamil ruler and hence started the marati reign. Even more astonishing fact was that the king had a flair for collecting various art forms and literatures that i was taken aback looking at his collection at the museum.

Some of those that became a part of ma poor memory include

Self descriptively painted rig veda

Ramayan in pictures ( Wonder how they managed to sneak in each of the Kanda (parts) into an approximately 4" X 10 " sheets. However the Sundara Kanda was missing :-o)

And the largest collection of print material any king could have owned.(Also he owned a printing press of his own it seems.)

All of us can really be proud of the fact that King Serfoji was indomitably intelligent!!And am really sorry that am not able to show you photographic evidences since i wasn't allowed to take one :(.


One of the reasons am writing this over here is to just bring out how the indomitable spirit of trying something new without proper knowledge turns out to be utter foolishness (pardon ma language culdn't help it).
I just could not stop wondering looking at the dividers.(Of course the ones on the ROAD from Brahadeeshwara temple to the bus stand). Why would one ever waste so much money in tiling the dividers when the platform for walking is all worn out??


Did you ever know that the tanjore hosts one of the world ancient and architectuarlly rich subways???
Neither did I! :-o. Imagine the platforms that were originally used to connect the various parts of the palace now being swarmed with auto rickshaws and taxis??? (If u think i have a bad sense of humor then am sorry i never meant to be humorous over here!!)


If u think this is yet another piece of paragraph to nick tanjore, Nay u r wrong!!! Indeed there is a South Indian cultural zone developed at the outskirts of the city where they teach kids, the ancient art forms and dance forms of south India FOR FREE!!! There is a workshop for sculpture making as well. The art gallery over here hosts hundreds of samples of various forms of arts from typical Tanjore Paintings to Modern arts, from structured idols to freestyle sculptures apart from others. The most precious of these is the Tanjore painting that is embedded with Original Diamonds and semi precious stones. (And no wonder they dont let us see that ;) )

These facts may
or may not be

for u to see

Wat i saw can as well
be seen by thee

Do make a note
is my plea!

Comments awaited ;).

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The turbine

I blew from
end to

Neither did i
stop nor

i felt, till
the day

She proved i
was barren, i
gave away

She gave me
the strength
to blow

Into the lives
of the needy
a ray of glow

I am the wind
the "once useless"

And she is
the turbine
My Teacher

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two three one

I was walking by the
sea side sands
Unable to hold the cotton
candies wid my TWO hands

Grumbling why God
didn't give me THREE!
Wait! the candy man
had just ONE but still happy?

P.S. Dedicated to the candy man at my place facing life "SINGLE HANDEDLY"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fight for a cause!

Into the amphitheatre
Leaving the crowds to roar
With prowess and might
he appeared, the amateur

And in came the bull
Followed by the picador
Terror struck their spine
Including the matador

But he was prepared
To face this polemy
Let alone to counter the beast
His thrust was gleamy

Performing stunts
To entertain the swarm
And the professionals
Awe struck at the charm

A tiny lapse
And the hold was gone
A moment later
He was torn

The thrust, the show and
the prowess now in vain
He sobbed, coz of the horns?No!
Hunger induced more pain!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Soccer sentience

Learning to live
amongst the rigor
Am nothing more
than a dribbler

Abandon the thoughts
of giving me a nick
I have mastered
the banana kick

Take all my raiment
Nd also my loot
I dont bother to win them back
in the penalty shoot

No matter if am let down
Or left with a shattered soul
I will sprout back
To reach my goal.

I shall pass the peril
And escape the guard
No one can stop me
not even the red card!!!

In soccer

Dribbler is a player who advances the ball while controlling it with his feet

Banana Kick is a type of kick that gives the ball a curved trajectory; used to get the ball around an obstacle such as a goaltender or defender.

Penalty shoot is a kick taken from the penalty spot by a player against the opposing goalie without any players closer than 10 yards away

Red card is a playing card-sized card that a referee holds up to signal a player's removal from the game

Friday, March 28, 2008

My savior

Every time
i am down
with a blow

Be it hard
or i just lost a
little glow

I rely on
you for
a cure

And you
always take
me ashore

You are bitter
but make
me soar

And all of
a sudden am good
till the core

Am greateful
for the

Yes, my

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Stunned i was
at the attire
she had

Still wondering
why her eyes
were sad

The Levi around
her waist was
a perfect fit

And the Revlon
on the lip was not
spoilt a bit

Flawless her
skin was coz
of Garnier???

And the Apple
in the hands added
to her cheer

But why was
she sad
even though??

Little did i know
she is branded
"A whore"!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The much awaited trip to Wynaad and Ooty

Couldnt stop wondering ;)

Beleive it or not it took 8 hrs from the start of our journey for me to beleive that it we really had started off. Dinnot stop pinching ma hands till then ;). And finally we reached Wynaad after wandering about 50 miles or so widout knowing which direction to take :D. Thanx krithi for keeping my hopes alive. Couldn't have enjoyed widout u :).

Nd y did u take me to the falls?????

One thing that i fear and hate the most in this world is a water fall :-|. Dunno y, but it has become a habit. Had to climb almost 2 kms down the hill to reach our first destination in Wynaad the " " falls.( Pardon me was not interested enough to notice the name :D). "Hydro phobia" made me sit on the steps which took the others down!!!!

2 more in my party

If it was krithi all the way long wid me in the bus then it was these two Mahesh to my right nd Babu to my left who did make me enjoy the trip amidst their other businesses ;). Thanx both of ya. Am greatful for that.

The Muthunga sanctuary

The only place i thought was worth a visit. Had a great safari in the jeep. Did get fooled a couple of times trying to see an elephant inside the forest but finally managed to get a glimpse of 5 of them together. The safari was worth every single buck paid except for the fact that the
driver dinnot allow me to pluck a couple of pears from the trees :(.

Morning walk in Ooty wid Mama(Nirmal) and Mami(Babu) ;)

Besides the biting cold early in the moring myself,krithi,mama(to krithi's left) and mami (to my right) decide to test the integrity of our immune system by walking down the cottage lane just to end up drenched in the showers!!!!! :(. Nd hey u still wonder y we call him MAMI?? ;) . Yup right ! obvious reason is his hairstyle ;). Neway Mams and mami thank u for making that walk a memorable one :).

Became bunnies for a while

Couldnt resist the frest sprouts of carrots in the backyard of our ciottage at ooty. So wat??? Wat else ?? Uprooted a handful of them and took a few pics in da garden before escaping the owner ;).

Ooty Wax World

I should say that i was just taken aback by the skill of the artists who made had the wax replica of our leaders in the Wax World at Ooty. One thing that caught my eyes in the Wax World was that all the replicas were of those people who had served humanity rather than of the film celebrities or other philanthropists. Hats off to you artists (Though none of their names were mentioned in the museum. I wonder why :-o)

What is Ooty widout a hot coffee???

Now now i know i shudlnt have asked dis question coz i dont like the coffee but still i cannot refuse the addiction that people have towards a coffee after wandering a while in the showers. So none of the people xcept myself missed the hot cappuchino at the Coffee Day, Ooty.

Made it finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And after awaiting four long years for this we made it finally!!! That made Mami(Babu) jump like dis in the air ;)


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Math o Phobia

y i dont get
outta this fix

times three
is still a SIX

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Being Number 4

I am not
in the lime light
I know

I have
no regrets

do i taste

I hate to be
one among the
top three

For it is
always the
number four

has made me

Has never
disturbed my

And helped
me build my

Being the
number four is
no sin

I can
go fourth
and win

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Babel

That strech of silence
Amidst the babel around me
Finally made me sense
I was not a part of thee

At that instance of time
I could not resist that feeling
For in their diction
Friendship had a different meaning

A meaning that
Did not include the part
Of listening
To one other s heart

N when i decided
That i need to explain
Alas I was
Thrown into the Babel again

Sunday, January 13, 2008

World thro' HER eyes

Almost a decade ago on a chill winter night
She came into my world with zest and might

I beckoned her and told
That she was my visa to the world

Be it about Franklin Roosevelt's fall
Or the rise of technology, she had it all

She made me travel around the world
Right from Gaza to the regions untold

And neither did she forget to impart
The impacts of global issues in my heart

For some she is just a gumming bit of paper
But for me she is a philosopher

I find it easy to see the world through her eyes
For its true that she has never told me lies!!!!!