Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I bring the hexagonal
piece of wood
where they shall
hereafter rest.

"Thou shall remain
here forever" I am
forced to jest.

Just when I think
I have rammed
the final nail in vain,

They jump effortlessly
out of the box to
haunt me, yet again.

Those ghosts called
Memories !

P.S. For a memory that is gonna haunt me in the years to come :P :P

Sunday, December 6, 2009


The holy fire
setting my funeral ablaze
Your sacred breath
adding to the craze

I savor the
liberation of my soul
From the extremely
fragile fenced pole

A transformation
occurring in a flash
From merely a cigar
to mighty gray ash


Him, an epitome of
impeccable might
As mesmerizing at night
as he is through
the day and twilight

I, the blood
nourishing his veins.
Like the brook and soil,
I let him breathe
till I drain.

we give rides,
profound and long
with bonds
deep and strong.

Him, a mighty bike
and I,
the fuel he likes.