Saturday, August 2, 2008

Similarity is no sin

Two similar parts
passionately bounded
into one
Ruining away
the probability
of a son!

It was HE
who made this
her sin
was none!

A mere
Change of one
chromosome seldom
makes much difference

Stop female infanticide!

N.B. Females have XX chromosomes i.e. 2 similar parts and males have XY chromosomes i.e. 2 dissimilar parts.


Anonymous said...

very nice nan...
liked the 2nd verse...
agree with u also..!

RiverSoul said...

Very nice work.
Accentuates the evilness of female infanticide.

mahesh kamath said...

a very obvious fact...
but still not thought...
that's our country's fate...
when'll our masses change this state?

good thought yaar...
keep writing...

Anonymous said...

happy friendship day nan...


liked the way you presented it...
it was deep too..
me have a "justsketch"
do read..

Ragpicker said...
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Ragpicker said...

Change of one
chromosome seldom
makes much difference <---- this is sheer brilliance!!!

Ruining away
the probability
of a son! <---- this part i really liked the tone that gets the flow

You just made the embryonic death sound a little more bearable to the common man's ears. Wonderfully depicted everywhere. I'm glad to have read your poem nan !!!!!!!!


P.S : This is another kind of sin that is at par with the child molestation issue. All these deranged son of a hairless ape should be skull fucked with a car's radiator !!!! :X

Satans Darling™ said...

Hello Nan :)

Although I have been reading you a lot, this is my first time on your Blog! I loved your poem! You got your message through crystal clear with a short but powerful piece of writing. Applause!

Love your Blog :)

P.S. Nice idea of execution given by Rag there :P LOL

nan said...

Thanq Rag for the valuable feedback ;)
And yeah the punishment is a rarity in itself :P
U feel exactly the same amount (perhaps more) of hatred I feel for those ************* :D (censored)

nan said...

Thanq Ashrita :)
Welcome to my world :)

Charzz said...

Hey nan..
Its fr the first time i have cum across your blog..
This poem is sheer brilliance..
It is sch a clear fact that a woman can never be held responsible fr the birth of a male or a female..
Still she is being called with ugly names..ill-treated..
Its shameful..
Ur deliverd the msg in sch a simple yet effective manner
Will surely keep a track here now onwards..

Anonymous said...

simple and clear message !! kudos !