Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Am Tagged! yay! ;)

Well my first tag :D from Sid ;)
Thanx buddy :P

8 things i am passionate about

My family (wins hands down!) - muah mom, dad n srini :)

My poetry

My Cursive handwriting!

My stamps

My letters - i mean letters i get!(or perhaps got! no one writes to me these days :( )

My books

Genetic Algorithms


8 things i wanna do before i die

Travel to Angkor Wat - Cambodia

Visit the Mohenjodaro remains!

Try taming a dog! :(

Meet Steve Waugh

Meet Harsha Bhogle

Meet Wasim Akram

Wish all my friends a Happy B'day atleast once exactly on their B'day :-| - I SELDOM DO THAT :(

Publish a book :)

8 things i often say

Oh cumon!

Ought to!

Wat da heck are u doin?

Goyyala ;) (ahemm i cannot say u wat dis means :P )

Dhoda ;) (

Where are my spectacles?

Thanx a ton!

Ennadhu sinnapullathanamalla irukku :-o : A popular tamil comedy dialogue which means, cumon behave like a grown up n stop kiddin ;)

8 books i always love reading again and again

Harry potter and the Half blood Prince

Sands of time by Sidney Sheldon

Leadership wisdom by Robim Sharma

Nothing Lasts forever by Sidney Sheldon

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Wings of fire by APJ Abdul Kalam

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens ;)

And yeah Robinson Crusoe :P

8 songs i love

Mama Africa - Akon

Black or White - MJ

Powerless - Nelly Furtado

Addicted - Enrique Iglesias

To love a woman - Enrique Iglesias and Lionel Richie

Aadat - Atif Aslam

Vellai pookal ulagam endrum malarave - A. R. Rehman

Kadavul Ullame - Uma Ramanan

Nd i tag


Madhav Sir



(Sry culdnt find more! ) :(


Anonymous said...

wowie...nice tag...lots of things i found common with me...
family,poetry,books,harry potter,sidney sheldon etc...

am blogrolling u :)
do visit my blogs sometime too...

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for visiting and also linking me...
i have given u a second tag...if u wish to take it force...

Anonymous said...

no problem nan... i understand...! i had meant mine for poems too... but i am in midst of a story on my other blog... didn't want it to come in the way...!

RiverSoul said...

Nice tag. Btw, whats there in cambodia that u wanna see?
And we do have a few things in common.
Also, i've tagged you again. Check it out:)

RiverSoul said...

Hey nan,
Dont worry.
Your poetry blog will remain a poetry blog even if you do tags.
Tags are things that give more information abt people we like to know more abt.
And your choices explain about your nature.
So do take tags.
We would love to know more abt the person behind the beautiful poems:)

mahesh kamath said...

hey that was superb... well me too started to think abt what i can ;)