Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blooming bud

Easing out of this
trauma virulent
Bestowed into me
by a heedless parent

I try to STRIVE!

Fighting the woes
as a solitary knight
I visualize my
future unfolding bright

I still SURVIVE!

Craving to be an
efflorescent bud
No matter if HIV
is in my blood

I shall REVIVE!


mahesh kamath said...

yes, this exactly shows how much pathetic rather cursed, a new born life is...
juz think of the child's dreams and ambitions... little do they know that they're born to be looked down upon by the society and leave the beautiful world in a hurry...
thanks to medical science that now, HIV parents can give birth to HIV free children...
still awareness among the poor masses are not sufficient...

Good work naga... writing for a good cause... keep going...
Good Luck! [:)]

RiverSoul said...

Do keep going. Dont you Dare stop.
I've never seen an inspiration for the doomed souls, ever, in my environs.
Today, I found a gem.
I feel many should learn from your works.
They speak a lot through words so fiery.
Thankyou for the wonderfull work you have created.
Keep Going.

RiverSoul said...
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RiverSoul said...

Oh i'm sorry. . . I thought you moderated your comments page.
Anyway, delete my comment once you get my id.