Monday, September 1, 2008

Pony tail

Ages since
i felt your
the gentle kiss
and the
passionate stroke,
it was a bliss

you are here
I am feeling
at ease
Savoring your subtle
as and when
I please

I was longing
for this
very moment
You had gone
far, leaving me
to lament

you turned into
a plat and moved
down, leaving
just a trail

doing so,
you had always
made me wail!

Thus said my neck
to the pony tail!


RiverSoul said...

Nice one, Nandhini really worth my wait.

pavan kunch said...

nice lines

mahesh kamath said...

as usuall... good :)
but this time it was simple too...
good work yaar... keep writing...

Rajesh said...

Ha...haa...nice one..

dropped in frm riversoul's.. was a nice read..

Anonymous said...

lovely lines...simple yet so beautifully crafted words....very nice!