Sunday, July 20, 2008


Neither do i drink elixir
and breathe neon
Nor did God gift me
with additional neurons

Didn't your genes bear
the literacy that mine did?
Then why is it that
I am being forbid?

We went to school
dressed in similar skirts
but, you have no clue
how much it hurts

When I deserve it
more than you do
and they say they
have it RESERVED for you!

P.S. No offense meant to the deserving candidates of reservation. This poem is for people who have been well educated for generations but still make use of the reservations!


DineshBabu said...

koncham strong ga undae mari lae?
(Boys film dialogue.. ha.. ha..)

people who do dis has to change
their attitude aftr reading dis..kadha..
hope dey 'll.. :)

mahesh kamath said...

That was a sensible thought and something the masses got to think about... I personally know people like this...

A good contribution to the society :)
'food for thought'

Good work da... keep going...

RiverSoul said...

you are so Right
i hate reservation
i also feel that the backward classes are not so "backward" anymore
hel, some people even jump to backward castes just to enjoy the special favours and grants.
gr8 work
keep writing:)

Madurai citizen said...

you are so Right... But...
Then how to lift Backwards?

Anonymous said...

i agree...reservation is getting too much reservation i think :)
liked your words and the continuity in the poem...

Archana said...

nice!..really liked the poem's title!