Saturday, April 19, 2008

The turbine

I blew from
end to

Neither did i
stop nor

i felt, till
the day

She proved i
was barren, i
gave away

She gave me
the strength
to blow

Into the lives
of the needy
a ray of glow

I am the wind
the "once useless"

And she is
the turbine
My Teacher

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two three one

I was walking by the
sea side sands
Unable to hold the cotton
candies wid my TWO hands

Grumbling why God
didn't give me THREE!
Wait! the candy man
had just ONE but still happy?

P.S. Dedicated to the candy man at my place facing life "SINGLE HANDEDLY"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fight for a cause!

Into the amphitheatre
Leaving the crowds to roar
With prowess and might
he appeared, the amateur

And in came the bull
Followed by the picador
Terror struck their spine
Including the matador

But he was prepared
To face this polemy
Let alone to counter the beast
His thrust was gleamy

Performing stunts
To entertain the swarm
And the professionals
Awe struck at the charm

A tiny lapse
And the hold was gone
A moment later
He was torn

The thrust, the show and
the prowess now in vain
He sobbed, coz of the horns?No!
Hunger induced more pain!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Soccer sentience

Learning to live
amongst the rigor
Am nothing more
than a dribbler

Abandon the thoughts
of giving me a nick
I have mastered
the banana kick

Take all my raiment
Nd also my loot
I dont bother to win them back
in the penalty shoot

No matter if am let down
Or left with a shattered soul
I will sprout back
To reach my goal.

I shall pass the peril
And escape the guard
No one can stop me
not even the red card!!!

In soccer

Dribbler is a player who advances the ball while controlling it with his feet

Banana Kick is a type of kick that gives the ball a curved trajectory; used to get the ball around an obstacle such as a goaltender or defender.

Penalty shoot is a kick taken from the penalty spot by a player against the opposing goalie without any players closer than 10 yards away

Red card is a playing card-sized card that a referee holds up to signal a player's removal from the game