Friday, March 28, 2008

My savior

Every time
i am down
with a blow

Be it hard
or i just lost a
little glow

I rely on
you for
a cure

And you
always take
me ashore

You are bitter
but make
me soar

And all of
a sudden am good
till the core

Am greateful
for the

Yes, my

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Stunned i was
at the attire
she had

Still wondering
why her eyes
were sad

The Levi around
her waist was
a perfect fit

And the Revlon
on the lip was not
spoilt a bit

Flawless her
skin was coz
of Garnier???

And the Apple
in the hands added
to her cheer

But why was
she sad
even though??

Little did i know
she is branded
"A whore"!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The much awaited trip to Wynaad and Ooty

Couldnt stop wondering ;)

Beleive it or not it took 8 hrs from the start of our journey for me to beleive that it we really had started off. Dinnot stop pinching ma hands till then ;). And finally we reached Wynaad after wandering about 50 miles or so widout knowing which direction to take :D. Thanx krithi for keeping my hopes alive. Couldn't have enjoyed widout u :).

Nd y did u take me to the falls?????

One thing that i fear and hate the most in this world is a water fall :-|. Dunno y, but it has become a habit. Had to climb almost 2 kms down the hill to reach our first destination in Wynaad the " " falls.( Pardon me was not interested enough to notice the name :D). "Hydro phobia" made me sit on the steps which took the others down!!!!

2 more in my party

If it was krithi all the way long wid me in the bus then it was these two Mahesh to my right nd Babu to my left who did make me enjoy the trip amidst their other businesses ;). Thanx both of ya. Am greatful for that.

The Muthunga sanctuary

The only place i thought was worth a visit. Had a great safari in the jeep. Did get fooled a couple of times trying to see an elephant inside the forest but finally managed to get a glimpse of 5 of them together. The safari was worth every single buck paid except for the fact that the
driver dinnot allow me to pluck a couple of pears from the trees :(.

Morning walk in Ooty wid Mama(Nirmal) and Mami(Babu) ;)

Besides the biting cold early in the moring myself,krithi,mama(to krithi's left) and mami (to my right) decide to test the integrity of our immune system by walking down the cottage lane just to end up drenched in the showers!!!!! :(. Nd hey u still wonder y we call him MAMI?? ;) . Yup right ! obvious reason is his hairstyle ;). Neway Mams and mami thank u for making that walk a memorable one :).

Became bunnies for a while

Couldnt resist the frest sprouts of carrots in the backyard of our ciottage at ooty. So wat??? Wat else ?? Uprooted a handful of them and took a few pics in da garden before escaping the owner ;).

Ooty Wax World

I should say that i was just taken aback by the skill of the artists who made had the wax replica of our leaders in the Wax World at Ooty. One thing that caught my eyes in the Wax World was that all the replicas were of those people who had served humanity rather than of the film celebrities or other philanthropists. Hats off to you artists (Though none of their names were mentioned in the museum. I wonder why :-o)

What is Ooty widout a hot coffee???

Now now i know i shudlnt have asked dis question coz i dont like the coffee but still i cannot refuse the addiction that people have towards a coffee after wandering a while in the showers. So none of the people xcept myself missed the hot cappuchino at the Coffee Day, Ooty.

Made it finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And after awaiting four long years for this we made it finally!!! That made Mami(Babu) jump like dis in the air ;)


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Math o Phobia

y i dont get
outta this fix

times three
is still a SIX