Friday, May 23, 2008


Horcruxes are receptacles in which a malicious wizard has hidden parts of his soul and the wizard can be destroyed only when the horcruxes are destroyed. Here man is the wizard and the receptacles are the seven deadly sins.

Knocking the kid with the car
Life dripping through his vein
Vanished! His LUST for alcohol
The drink had made him insane

Glued to the box of chocolates
He couldn't deny the GLUTTONY
But struck at the sight of the slum
He decided to feed the needy

His GREED for money would be served
If he helped the developers to clean the mess
But the drop of his humanity settled to
Rather help the shelter less

No more fingers picking papers
If no papers on the road
He killed his SLOTH to help them
Now their rears carry book load

Fiercely he walked out with the ball
That had broke his window and a tile
But the WRATH disappeared
on seeing the innocent smile

Unable to beat his foe
He sat gloomy and helpless
All his ENVY faded
When his foe was generous

They recognized his work
And no wonder PRIDE abide
Pride turned to modesty
On seeing an unapproved beside

Thus he destroyed the horcruxes
To be as virtuous as he can
And realized that this is
When a man turns HUMAN


vivekvardhan said...

oka word lo cheppali antee superb.
nice content and good use age of things and kewl one
nice dedication
all the best

vivekvardhan said...

gre aa amma????

madhava said...

nice Naga. good imagination, good language.

mahesh kamath said...

wow.... that was really great...
again the common truth...
find out ways to bring ye works in light... they really ignite the younger ages... keep going...

srikarsh said...

oyeee sis amazinggggggg gurthunaanaa