Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Being Number 4

I am not
in the lime light
I know

I have
no regrets

do i taste

I hate to be
one among the
top three

For it is
always the
number four

has made me

Has never
disturbed my

And helped
me build my

Being the
number four is
no sin

I can
go fourth
and win


neethu said...

simply kev keka:)nandhu keka and kev ki ardham ee poem lo chupinchindhi.......i love u r poem.......i'm copying ur poem

Abirami said...

hey..nice one da....very gud support for FOUR....i think it will more happy now...

Rony said...

nice da... nice poem.... very well written... keep it up

Radhika Rani said...

Hi Nandhini,

I am Radhika Rani, working in Deccan Post, a newly launched news weekly in Hyderabad. Am writing an article on young poets and that's how got to read your blog. The focus is on young men and women taking to poetry and coming up with touching verses, despite their busy schedules. Would like to get your viewpoint. You could mail me at radhikarani@deccanpost.in

Harish said...

Nice work.. keep it up..neva knew u write so well...

sycorax said...

A very gud poem

Suganya said...

Hey de.. the poem is simply fantastic.. brings out the inner feelin frm of the heart.. u climbed to no.1 de.. nice chosen words.. hats off to u my dear friend!!

lolluu said...

oye bhusk its realy nice da i liked those last three lines... top three la irukka mudiyadhadhu ku ipdi oru saakku.. :)
topper ae......
top three ranksai verukkiradhe...
adade... aachiriya kuri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :)

SandO said...

เ єภjσyє๔ яєα๔เภg เt..

©utє σภє!!!!