Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Stumbled inside
the barriers,
toiled until it
left the carriers


Endurance rewarded
and it saves lives
Cures ailments, sans
blood and knives



P.S. Barriers refer to the two mirrors used in the production of laser and carrier to the medium in which laser is produced before being let out [:)]


RiverSoul said...

Wow, this is the first time i've seen science mixed with poetry.
And you've done a splendid job at that.
2 thumbs up:)

DineshBabu said...

"CLASSIC"- titleae oga class ga undhi..
1st four lines abt the way in which the laser beam comes out is really superb BBB..
"light turned laser"
this poem turns everyone who reads..

mahesh kamath said...

wah... yaar... tum to kamaal ki poet nikle [:)] rather 'techie poet' kaisa laga tumhara naya '' [:)]
khair ek baat bataao muje, tumhe ye sub karne ke liya idea kahan se milta hay yaar.... apun ko to apna zaroori kaam karne ke liye bhi dimag kaam nahi karta... tumhare to jawab nahi yaar...
bahut khoob... lage raho! [:)]

Ragpicker said...

as I said ..brilliant !!!!!!!