Sunday, January 13, 2008

World thro' HER eyes

Almost a decade ago on a chill winter night
She came into my world with zest and might

I beckoned her and told
That she was my visa to the world

Be it about Franklin Roosevelt's fall
Or the rise of technology, she had it all

She made me travel around the world
Right from Gaza to the regions untold

And neither did she forget to impart
The impacts of global issues in my heart

For some she is just a gumming bit of paper
But for me she is a philosopher

I find it easy to see the world through her eyes
For its true that she has never told me lies!!!!!


CresceNet said...

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Sadhana said...
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Ramesh said...

Hey enti nuvvu GOD...nijam cheppu nuvvu British ammayee vaa.....[:P] ...nee poem super assaluuuu....i dont have words to praise u....really superbbbbbb....anthe ...antha kante inka emaina ekkuva untundaa cheppu ......[:)]

mahesh kamath said...

hmmm... well, to be frank I have to admit that now, I belive... you really are a born poet...
You know what, I think you can write a poem on whatever topic you're given with... that versatality in you makes u a good poet... good work da...

Sadhana said...

hey bhusk i ve neva read poems b4 da but i believe am gonna b a gr8 fan of u in quite some days....N this poem is all abt a stamp rite????????
if am rite then i can pat on my shoulder n say "U got it sadhu!!"
This is really nice da kalakkara bhusk... :-)

Scribbler said...

Awesome. Simply awesome.

The smallest and forgotten things are glorified through your words.

In a world where emails have killed snail mails. This surely reminds me of my childhood when I used to collect stamps. Thank you for the nostalgic trip.

keep it rollin;)

vivekvardhan said...

sexy ane word chala rare ga use chestamu
and aaaa word sexy kanda inka oka range lo vundhi ne poem..........

aaasalu neku emina tallent aa cheppu........!!!!!!!!!

sexy amazing ultra ilanti words 1lak kaliste ne poem antha bagundhi ne poem

amazing excellent

oka oka line lo chudali oka oka punch and super bale bale rastavu kadha poems
g888888888888888 ne poems edo oka roju andhru mobiles lo they keep u poem as ring tone or wall papers........antha crazzz vastadhi neku

keeeeeep rocking

Rony said...

u did it again.... keep goin !! :-)