Thursday, December 11, 2008

I penned an elegy

I watched
as the healer
tried to
cure him

He who
made a
out of a mess

He who taught me
to fight with
the shield and a sword
a shield of ink and
a sword of words

Now he lay
his chances dim,
He who was once
so sound and grim

A strike of sorrow
did creep
and a tear or
two did peep

He was a friend
a friend so great
He was a PEN

My soul mate


Sanket Rathod said...

Wow! I;m happy and sad at the same time!
Well... you get a new pen and write another one soon....

zabi said...

Nice 1, a little gloomy but beautifully expressed your tender loving care for some body. I wish i could do some poetry but i cant play with english grammar so well, so ahve to suffice myself with silly stories. Neways nice poem

RiverSoul said...

I really feel so relieved after reading the last stanza!

anoop erakkil said...

good one!!!

rahul aggarwal said...

2 good nandhini....left me speechless....

kalam ki taakat as a soulmate....u defined it very very well!!!

Hatsoff 2u!

Art and Poetry said...

Its nice! well done

Anonymous said...

hey nan,
that was well "penned"!! :D

get another, and write a new poem soon!! :)

zabi said...

didn't you find my last comment a little stupid? while reading ur poem I some how missed the last stanza and found it gloomy. Now I say truthfully you are brilliant dear.. said...

The smooth flow of your writing is disrupting, especially in the initial paras and smoothen's out as it ends.But i feel that instead of ending abruptly, another para or so might have gave a proper ending.

Seems it has inspired me to give a fitting tribute and an end as well.Particularly because gone are the days when we wrote in pen and paper. Nothing can be as joyfull as taking a pen and overindulging in whatever we might dream.

"He was a friend
a friend so great
just my soul mate

Mighty as it boils down
Like no other in the town
who did standby,it was time
to bid adieu, as gracefull
like the morning dew
charming the paper as ever new
mine truly forever,
the ever incredible Pen " said...

:) Version 2 of the elegy penned by Nan