Friday, October 17, 2008

Skilled yet killed

Standing by the
side of the road
I was awe struck
at the way you rode

Handling the throttle,
break and lights
with indomitable
elegance and might

Wondering at the
skills you stage
My routine has
seldom changed

But yoou pass me by
considering me a menace
Always with a
grin of ignorance

Look out!

Oh my dear!
Perhaps you should
have read me,
the sign board,
I was no menace
but was your hoard,
For this was what i bore

Drinking kills
Driving skills

Be it a bacardi blast
or a tequila shot
The sign holds still!


Anonymous said...

loved the start, the way u played with the rhyme...road and rode..!! :)

very interesting poem nan...!!

RiverSoul said...

Beautifully written....
Its a set of verses that won't be forgotten in a hurry....
The intent is very thought provoking...
Nice job, Nan
Sorry i'm late.

mahesh kamath said...

you too've got a skill... you know what? You can write on anything and everything... And that's what makes you different and good from others...

as usuall, this one was also sweet, and of course conveying its message... :)

keep writing :)

Arjun said...

haha.. again.. too good..
I realized one can write a poem over it as well.. lolz :)


rahul aggarwal said...

am i becoming a fan of ur poems!!!

nan said...


am i becoming a fan of ur poems!!! ?

Too early to answer :P