Monday, September 28, 2009

The infinite loop

Inspired by a post in a blog that I happened to read today. I suggest you read that for a better understanding of my post.
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Inspirations are hard to come by these days and I owe one to
Krishnamurthy. If you happen to read this, "Thanks a bunch for stimulating my neurons. They had been very very lazy of late."

So here it goes, my sequel to his post.

I believed that human beings are the result of a similar effort, being created out of primitive creatures, eventually evolving into the current state of intelligence. Today human beings are intelligent enough, not only to exhibit features such as natural language processing, logical reasoning and decision making, learning, and much more; but also make intelligent systems of their own.

Some how this theory makes perfect sense to me. (Another proud computer engineer). So I have worked out something to support Krish and here it goes.

A mere neanderthal (a non intelligent computer)

• to a cave man capable of producing and understanding sounds (that is when natural language processing was embedded )

• to the stone and metal age man who was capable of creating scripts and store them (updated to include the magical ingredient for Knowledge Representation)

• to the first set of civilizations (when man first began to look for *reasons* in order to *stay together*)

• to the robust modern age man (adapting to changes in place, culture, food, and needless to say a trillion other things -> MAchiNe learning :P)

It is not insane to assume that contemporary computer engineers are trying to replicate the process in order to make computers intelligent. (Well of course only under restricted conditions; no one wants a Matrix trilogy on Earth! :-o)

The biologist in me is in no mood to nod. Here is what she asked "What if these had happened by an accidental/deliberate manipulation of the creature's inner stuff by the creature itself ?" (Thanks! You could not have been more confusing :D )

The chemist in me came rushing to her rescue. "It could have also been something like the hyper/hypo secretion of an enzyme or a climatic change or the accidental addition of a certain molecule" (Oh please do not tell me a Computer is going to be intelligent if we bury it deep in the arctic snow with a motherboard made of a different material :D )

Eitherways, I dont have an answer. Do you ?

Disclaimer: Pun Intended !

A big thank you to
KV for letting me read his bro's blog :D