Thursday, January 29, 2009

An inspirational sacrifice

He was ushered into the
desolate domicile and
placed on the altar
I took a peep
ceasing the chat
with my lodestar

He laid still with
his upside down
his 8 pack abdomen in
diverse shades of brown

His body was torn
apart with ease
I wonder if his
soul had rested
in peace

The sinner stood
sans guilt
for his poach
As I paid my tribute
to the martyr
a Mr.Cockroach

For he had played a part
in making me wise
and I was INSPIRED
by his sacrifice

N.B. A tribute to the cockroach that was dissected 7 years ago in my skoolz biology lab for the sake of our studies

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Memories swirled in
my mind
how i had been
a part of all this
from behind

I had brought her in
Now she suffers
I had committed a sin

Oh god ! She was
stripped naked
all her parts were
tormented !

she was drowned
and there ended
the hound

Tears rolled down
my cheeks, I was the
culprit in my opinion
guilty to the core

"Hush girl !"
My conscience intervened
"That is just an ONION
you got from the store"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


When I say
hues of gold and
pinkish flower beds
are not as appealing as
the gloomiest of grays
or bloodiest of reds

and that
the humming of engines
at a race reminds again
of adrenalin
traveling as well
through MY veins

and when I consider
a few moments of
lighter bites
over sleepless nights
of useless fights

You have every right
to taunt,
or blame
But am proud
for not being
yet another DAME!