Saturday, March 21, 2009


I open you and
pick one of the
several seeds inside.
First one rolls.
I bethink of a bygone
memory brushed aside.

By the time the
flavor of the second
fills my heart.
I behold the image
beloved friend
now miles apart.

Midway through the
third, I realize that
my cheeks are drenched.
Wiping away the damp
salinity, I stand.
My heart wrenched.

Exhausted with the
gush of fervor and remorse,
a sequel of your rhythmic course,
I close you with a sigh.
My Pod and I.

Golly am amazed at Apple's naming skills ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Beside you
stood the tomb
painted pearl white,
concealing the
reddish thromb.

I pine for your
ever credible

But you still
appear dormant.
A rejection.

Days pass and you
eventually emerge,
placid and aplomb.

Only a tooth!

still buried deep
inside the catacomb.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"Thats it we'll break
up." My mobile beeps
with your message.
I wonder if it were
the beginning of agony
or the end of a rage.

My fingers are numb.
I turn insensitive from
my wrist to thumb.
"Oh yeah am glad !"
I snap you mum.

Blood travelling through
the seemingly green
veins, I still see.
Not wasting a minute
I grab the remote
and turn off the AC.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bizzare betrayal

"Not again !", I
hear you screaming.
Still I neglect. My
attitude beaming.

I feel his intense
chill filling my ever
longing lips
He melts in my
warmth and the
pleasure I would 
never skip.

"Enough of it !" I 
hear you whine,
"I will be punished
For no fault of

My love is blind.
But now I repent in dismay.
I have sinned again for
its you I have betrayed.

"I swear you, my NOSE,
I will recover from the
addiction towards him,
the ICE CREAM, for he
is the cause of your grim"

P.S. My nose suffers from a block every time I eat ice cream :(