Sunday, October 26, 2008

Discrete Diwali

A careful combination
of the ingredients
fell into hands
that crafted with

And finished
with a topping.

Thousands of them
they made,
For making these
they were paid.

Finally the moment
with the allowance
in hand
they took to their heels
For this was to be a
day with three meals.

Crackers are made in a Tamil city called Sivakasi. A sad yet true fact is that this industry hosts the greatest number of child laborers in Tamilnadu who earn a meager amount by rolling the gunpowder into crackers and the only part on the year they are paid well is during Diwali.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fairy in Disguise

Yet another
rainy night
I walked through
muddy streets
sans light

Thunder lord
sent his brigade
Then, you were
my sole comrade

And the wind blew
with all its might
I held you tight

You stopped the
rains from drenching
my torso
And stood
by my side wherso

For me,
you were the
fairy from Cinderella
But people say
you are just
an umbrella

Friday, October 17, 2008

Skilled yet killed

Standing by the
side of the road
I was awe struck
at the way you rode

Handling the throttle,
break and lights
with indomitable
elegance and might

Wondering at the
skills you stage
My routine has
seldom changed

But yoou pass me by
considering me a menace
Always with a
grin of ignorance

Look out!

Oh my dear!
Perhaps you should
have read me,
the sign board,
I was no menace
but was your hoard,
For this was what i bore

Drinking kills
Driving skills

Be it a bacardi blast
or a tequila shot
The sign holds still!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dad's boot

One, tip toed
into the corridor
and lifted,
while the other
had inherited.

One glad with
the achievement
The other sobbing
over the pavement

One tumbling to walk
with the new loot
The other in
an inevitable mute
too young for
dad's boots

One tried out of
The other
on account of
food scarcity!

Dedicated to all young foots inside their respective dads' boots, instead of their own.