Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dad's boot

One, tip toed
into the corridor
and lifted,
while the other
had inherited.

One glad with
the achievement
The other sobbing
over the pavement

One tumbling to walk
with the new loot
The other in
an inevitable mute
too young for
dad's boots

One tried out of
The other
on account of
food scarcity!

Dedicated to all young foots inside their respective dads' boots, instead of their own.


Anonymous said...

hear hear!! :)
awesome words Nan!!

RiverSoul said...

As usual,
A gr8 piece....
Amazing how you can make magic with even the most unassuming things as boots!!
Loved it.

Art and Poetry said...

It is a nice one! and unusual.

Vinz aka Vinu said...

and neat expression..!!

mahesh kamath said...

writing upon unexpected things and making it a wonderful piece has always been a pass time for you :)
and that I know, only you can do...
good job :) keep working...