Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Comrade with a difference

Right from the moment
I arrived in, I had
set my eyes on him
He was perfect,
stayed near the window
neat and prim

He was only a
few yards away
and only an old lady
was in between
I wondered how long
she was to stay

At the next station
she left
raising her eyebrow
I was tickled at the
very thought that
he was all mine now

A few stations
had passed
and mine was next
bidding adieu
so much gloomy
that I almost wept

Still I had to go
beyond my station
in a suburban train
will lead to nothing
but mere frustration

By now,
someone would have
taken him, it rather
HE is a seat near
the window, about
whom, only I bother

For all the "My dear window seat" maniacs


Art and Poetry said...

Unusual one this but neat!

mahesh kamath said...

aiyo aiyo... :)
that was teasing...
good.. good... :)
keep writing...

Bharathwaj N said...

nice one.kept me guessting till the end :)

muthu said...

thats a good one....

hmhm.... the end was neat.....