Thursday, May 14, 2009

A note of contradiction

In reply to a certain comment by muthu
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No matter what
comes down from 
my pen;
an elegy or ode;
of loss, betrayal
or a gentle caress.

This is me
I write for pun.
Nothing more 
and nothing less

It is not pain that
rules this world.
There is irony,
absurdity and a
dozen other notions
less explored

You write of love
and the pain that follows;
I will stay back 
and let my pen present
the deprived with
a deserving halo.

Ah and I know you'll not agree to this. 
But this is what I am and will be.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blood stain

I had not written anything off late, save reading other blogs and commenting. Been a lifetime since I visited the realm of writing, the Writers Lounge. No excuses for the fault lies with me. I am not completely back to blogosphere yet.

I stare at your 
crimson blood still 
staining my 
guilty palm.
I regret and repent
yet remain in a
ghastly calm.

In a moment or two
I shall wash you
off my hand.
You will fade away
leaving behind  the
blood strand.

I remember you
never had issues
with me
yet I crushed, pounded
and eventually
killed you, Mehendi.