Friday, April 10, 2009

Love you

I hold your hands,
feel your warmth and
long for your smile.
You turn away and remain
unusually silent for a while.

I caress your forehead
and kiss your cheek.
You refuse to come
out of your world,
making me feel meek.

I try again to prove
that my love is true.
Still, you ignore me,
suck your thumb
and say gaa gaa goo goo
P.S. Dedicated to a two year old nephew of mine

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I watch you 
breaching silently
into our territory.
Annoyed, I over whelm
with relentless fury.

You defile the 
pathway into my 
prodigious kingdom.

I devise a plan
of attack at random.

My allies inside 
appreciate the 
startling wisdom

You are to be defeated 
at once for I am against
and my allies will
now storm out in the
form of a SNEEZE

I --> air trying to get inside the nostrils
You --> dust in nostrils 

N.B. When particles of dust irritate the nasal mucosa they are thrown away by convulsive expulsion of air from the lungs. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Memory lost

I stand behind a pretty
mother preaching her son of
the right and wrong.
A lose hair from her 
careless bun takes
my rimless glasses along

In an attempt to avoid
the free fall of my 
ever reliable ally,

I place my shoe on her 
naked foot.Unintentionally.
She lets out a cry.

Flattened spheres of gray 
plastic on my ears confine my 
audibility.Confused, I smile.

It is such a pleasure to
"people watch" in the 
peak hour rush.
But then a sense of
untold fear creeps and 
I stand hushed.
Left the purse back
home and here comes the
collector. Time to blush.