Thursday, November 29, 2007


Neethu, Mahesh bhaiyya, Babu, Lohi, Rahul, Siddu and Pranaya Thank u so much all of you for the constant support you offer me. Thank you for spending your valuable time reading my poems and offering your suggestions. I will always need your support in the future as well. Do keep reading and leave your comments.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reasonless Seasons

Scorching heat of the sun

Paralyzing me like a stun gun

The very thought of a cool drink

Will vanish when I see her blink

And in the spring when I fight

With my brother for a kite

My heart will sink on seeing

Her longing to have a wing

A pink jerkin this season?

No, that had no reason

Since the biting winter chill in the morning

Told me she was even devoid of proper clothing

All that I could give her

Were a can of drink, a kite and a sweater

And when asked what the new year day meant to her

“A day with 3 meals” was her answer

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lions or jus lines?

The flag was flying high
Though no one to stop by

Neither did i miss the sides of the roads
Filled with banners of all modes

Workers roaring like lions
Were now settled in lines

I wondered where these people went
When called for a good event?

And all of a sudden everyone scattered
Even before their leader departed

I could not believe my eyes
But only then did i realize

That these were not the lions of the party
But were jus lines of poverty!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


We learnt from the epics
The essence of Friendship
The Mahabharata depicts
The strength of its grip!

But the days have gone
And the nation is torn!

Centuries before
The Egyptian pharaoh
We lived galore
At the Mohanjodaro

But now we are ruined
'Fashion' is the new term coined

World believes
Changes have degraded the amazon
But what this leaves
Is that we have a billion more to amaze on!!!!