Saturday, October 17, 2009

Resounding Quiescence

I stand hastily
wrapped around
in a filthy garment.
Perhaps it is
adequate; for I
am dormant.

You hesitate
to tread into
my frontier.
What is it in me
that you fear ?

The ruggedness
of my skin
or the sheer
hopelessness of my
ghastly grin ?

Fear not; I am just
a lonely scare crow.
Neither a friend
nor a foe !

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dark depiction

I decide against the
tints and hues
over speculations of
infinitesimal use.

A sheet of
white with streaks of
black squiggled all over.
There it lies,
the message I intend
to deliver !

Filled with
the aberrant signs
that are strewn,
I end up making
A cartoon !

Inspired by: This cartoon

Cartoon courtesy: Srivatsan's blog