Friday, September 26, 2008


I watched
penetrating deep
into my body

It sucked all the
gore. I cried in pain
After a while
it sent the gore
back into the vein

I was told
it would make me
feel better
With blood
absorbed and imbued
I probe it bitter

creation of
the Almighty's
And they call
A dialysis

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Comrade with a difference

Right from the moment
I arrived in, I had
set my eyes on him
He was perfect,
stayed near the window
neat and prim

He was only a
few yards away
and only an old lady
was in between
I wondered how long
she was to stay

At the next station
she left
raising her eyebrow
I was tickled at the
very thought that
he was all mine now

A few stations
had passed
and mine was next
bidding adieu
so much gloomy
that I almost wept

Still I had to go
beyond my station
in a suburban train
will lead to nothing
but mere frustration

By now,
someone would have
taken him, it rather
HE is a seat near
the window, about
whom, only I bother

For all the "My dear window seat" maniacs

Monday, September 22, 2008

Of open temples and unseen idols

They invited
at least a hundred
for their
striking skin tone
and blond hair

Their eyes gleaming
with awe
at the sculptures
and the magnificent
Indian architecture.

The hearts filled
with joy to see
the legendary goddess
came to a stand still
at the thought of
the long awaited moment
now becoming abyss

Since a note
mounted on the wall
"Only Hindus
are allowed beyond
this level"

Racism with
a difference?
Or perhaps
revenge for the
unforgettable arrogance?

I happened to see the temple authorities at the Madurai Meenakshi Temple denying darshan to a group of foreigners (of course whites as they prefer calling them) since only Hindus were allowed the darshan of the chief god and goddess.I strongly believe such an act is to be condemned at any cost. How ever they were allowed to see the other parts of the temple. "Unforgettable arrogance" here means the English reign in India.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pony tail

Ages since
i felt your
the gentle kiss
and the
passionate stroke,
it was a bliss

you are here
I am feeling
at ease
Savoring your subtle
as and when
I please

I was longing
for this
very moment
You had gone
far, leaving me
to lament

you turned into
a plat and moved
down, leaving
just a trail

doing so,
you had always
made me wail!

Thus said my neck
to the pony tail!