Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fairy in Disguise

Yet another
rainy night
I walked through
muddy streets
sans light

Thunder lord
sent his brigade
Then, you were
my sole comrade

And the wind blew
with all its might
I held you tight

You stopped the
rains from drenching
my torso
And stood
by my side wherso

For me,
you were the
fairy from Cinderella
But people say
you are just
an umbrella


Mahesh Kamath said...

:) whatever i point at, you write on it...
never did i realize that an umbrella is akin fairy from cindrella...
good work... keep writing...

Art and Poetry said...

Very original this one!

Sanket Rathod said...

Cindrella(s) and Umbrella(s): that reminds me of what I moved on from: Childhood and Innocence...
Very Moving!

Arjun said...

wow wow...
Tat was real nice....


Historiophile said...

You have made an ordinary thing look out of ordinary by the way u expressed how much it means to you. Beautiful!