Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kudos Muthu

Hey this one z too gud Muthu though i read t twice to get wat u meant :)
And friends muthu did this on the spot when i gave him the topic BOOKS!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Antonymous actions

Slender torso
Detecting tense
Glorious pelt
Claiming cognizance

Our hands stay
contiguous in prayer
Beholding your inscription
on a stone layer

But when you are
spotted sentient
You are handled with
a rod and let to lament

Not that we are indignant
to slay you as a gang
That is because
you have a FANG!!!!

Nd i was talking about a SNAKE[:D]

Monday, May 26, 2008


Diverse delicacies
Scattered on the table
Carcinoma gnawing
End of the fable


A pot of gruel
Four pairs of hands
Somber hut
Peace lands


Sunday, May 25, 2008

U Act and I react

It spins around
for a while
To stop it your weapon
moves in style


This time it does
not touch the ground
Unfortunately you
miss it around


And finally it has
made the way through
You depart in despair
Leaving the rest to the crew


Just a thought of a batsman playing Spin, missing a Full toss and getting bowled out with a yorker
Perhaps putting ROSS TAYLOR in place

Saturday, May 24, 2008


There you lay immobile
leaving desires unfilled
Deserting the hearts, which
still deny that you are killed

But why should i savor
all the despair and agony
For i can still feel your
immortal hands pulling my pony

Dedicated to my dear friend Aswath who passed away last nite.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Horcruxes are receptacles in which a malicious wizard has hidden parts of his soul and the wizard can be destroyed only when the horcruxes are destroyed. Here man is the wizard and the receptacles are the seven deadly sins.

Knocking the kid with the car
Life dripping through his vein
Vanished! His LUST for alcohol
The drink had made him insane

Glued to the box of chocolates
He couldn't deny the GLUTTONY
But struck at the sight of the slum
He decided to feed the needy

His GREED for money would be served
If he helped the developers to clean the mess
But the drop of his humanity settled to
Rather help the shelter less

No more fingers picking papers
If no papers on the road
He killed his SLOTH to help them
Now their rears carry book load

Fiercely he walked out with the ball
That had broke his window and a tile
But the WRATH disappeared
on seeing the innocent smile

Unable to beat his foe
He sat gloomy and helpless
All his ENVY faded
When his foe was generous

They recognized his work
And no wonder PRIDE abide
Pride turned to modesty
On seeing an unapproved beside

Thus he destroyed the horcruxes
To be as virtuous as he can
And realized that this is
When a man turns HUMAN

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I am

To serve your
savior i was

Am inside
the hindu

Am wid the people
of the cross and the

Am the source
of living for
the poor

And for the rich
am just a

For the branded
saviors of their

Tender fingers
user me to serve
them in the street

I had helped
those tender fingers
better i wish

Alas am helpless
being just


This is not gonna be a story covering the well known facts about Tanjore like the architectural marvel at the Brahaedeshwara temple and the view tower at Tanjore PALACE(?!?!?). (Don't ever wonder why those confusions are for. U can very well understand why the confusion arose when u personally visit the tanjore palace.)
All am gonna try do here is tell you some quick facts that have never been as popular as the Temple and the palace yet really fascinating or rather i should say i was DUMB STRUCK at some of them. I can group them as "FOUR FACTS U NEVER KNEW ABOUT TANJORE" better.;)


"Raja Raja Chola"

This name is inevitable when there is a reference to Tanjore. But i was awe struck to hear that the last dominant ruler of Tanjore (1798-1832) hailed from Maharashtra. When the history books (as far as Mr. Joseph had taught me) did not refer about any ruler conquering Tanjore at that period, i dug a little deep into da library to know that King Serfoji (popularly King Saraboji) was adopted by the then tamil ruler and hence started the marati reign. Even more astonishing fact was that the king had a flair for collecting various art forms and literatures that i was taken aback looking at his collection at the museum.

Some of those that became a part of ma poor memory include

Self descriptively painted rig veda

Ramayan in pictures ( Wonder how they managed to sneak in each of the Kanda (parts) into an approximately 4" X 10 " sheets. However the Sundara Kanda was missing :-o)

And the largest collection of print material any king could have owned.(Also he owned a printing press of his own it seems.)

All of us can really be proud of the fact that King Serfoji was indomitably intelligent!!And am really sorry that am not able to show you photographic evidences since i wasn't allowed to take one :(.


One of the reasons am writing this over here is to just bring out how the indomitable spirit of trying something new without proper knowledge turns out to be utter foolishness (pardon ma language culdn't help it).
I just could not stop wondering looking at the dividers.(Of course the ones on the ROAD from Brahadeeshwara temple to the bus stand). Why would one ever waste so much money in tiling the dividers when the platform for walking is all worn out??


Did you ever know that the tanjore hosts one of the world ancient and architectuarlly rich subways???
Neither did I! :-o. Imagine the platforms that were originally used to connect the various parts of the palace now being swarmed with auto rickshaws and taxis??? (If u think i have a bad sense of humor then am sorry i never meant to be humorous over here!!)


If u think this is yet another piece of paragraph to nick tanjore, Nay u r wrong!!! Indeed there is a South Indian cultural zone developed at the outskirts of the city where they teach kids, the ancient art forms and dance forms of south India FOR FREE!!! There is a workshop for sculpture making as well. The art gallery over here hosts hundreds of samples of various forms of arts from typical Tanjore Paintings to Modern arts, from structured idols to freestyle sculptures apart from others. The most precious of these is the Tanjore painting that is embedded with Original Diamonds and semi precious stones. (And no wonder they dont let us see that ;) )

These facts may
or may not be

for u to see

Wat i saw can as well
be seen by thee

Do make a note
is my plea!

Comments awaited ;).