Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prisoner of war

Eventually, they put an end
to their sleepless nights
They called it freedom, and
I was denied the rights

The right to go to school
holding HIS finger tight
The right to cuddle in HER
lap on a Saturday night

I am a Scape goat
Lying on the altar
That is what it feels like
To be a prisoner of this war

A war sans weapons
A war sans blood shed
Just a war of words
That leaves me dead!


RiverSoul said...

The pain of a war orphaned child. . . So well described.
His Woes are truely innumerable. How sad a plight.

Anonymous said...

agreed riversoul...she has described it very well...!! :)

troubled mind of his, and many troubles he has as well...!!

RiverSoul said...

Blog updated

Vinz aka Vinu said...

nice write up..went through other posts too..

the pain of the sufferer was depicted very well..!!

mahesh kamath said...

so after a break,
you're back on track :)
yes, this was really describing the agony... and i believe this is how terrorists are born... orphaned children of civilians who loose life in militant attacks...

Anyways, good work da, keep writing.... :)

Art and Poetry said...

Your poetry is very nice I like rhyming poetry, would you like a link?

Trinaa said...


RiverSoul said...

Hey nan,
Blog updated.
Do visit.