Monday, September 22, 2008

Of open temples and unseen idols

They invited
at least a hundred
for their
striking skin tone
and blond hair

Their eyes gleaming
with awe
at the sculptures
and the magnificent
Indian architecture.

The hearts filled
with joy to see
the legendary goddess
came to a stand still
at the thought of
the long awaited moment
now becoming abyss

Since a note
mounted on the wall
"Only Hindus
are allowed beyond
this level"

Racism with
a difference?
Or perhaps
revenge for the
unforgettable arrogance?

I happened to see the temple authorities at the Madurai Meenakshi Temple denying darshan to a group of foreigners (of course whites as they prefer calling them) since only Hindus were allowed the darshan of the chief god and goddess.I strongly believe such an act is to be condemned at any cost. How ever they were allowed to see the other parts of the temple. "Unforgettable arrogance" here means the English reign in India.


mahesh kamath said...

good description of our Indian architectural marvels...
then reg. the discrimination, you're right, but only to an extend...coz its a bit sensitive issue as we all know... moreover we cant say its totally unfair... at least they're allowed to enter the premises... beyond that, its natural that the administrators of that sanctum keep their regulations rite...

anyways, a good liberal thought is always appreciated... at the same time some things in our diversified society can never be changed rite...
keep writing [:)]

Art and Poetry said...

Good post! I am white, but you should have the final say in your own country.

Vinz aka Vinu said...

discriminations, be it gender based, color based or creed based...should be condemned..!!

RiverSoul said...

I've got a question for all those who disagree with nan.
Those rules, the cast and racial discrimination,
Who made them?
Man did. Not God.
Also, which church in the world prohibits and bans people from other religions from entry?
Then why all this?

Ragpicker said...

Racism with
a difference?
Or perhaps
revenge for the
unforgettable arrogance? <--- Right into the heart of this menace. the unforgettable arrogance. Wonderful and infallible insight ...The poem is outstanding but these lines have just caught me real hard.

Masterpiece work nan!!!!

nan said...

Thanq Rag :)
You are always kind to me ;)

Ragpicker said...

And so are you :)

nan said...

:D he he I never indulge in conversations @ the comment page but look now i ve started to reply :P cuz i ve no other means to convey ;)

Ragpicker said...

yeah even I find the conversations on the comment box to be a little tiring !!!! but then I'm not sure whether you will add me on Gtalk or any other Instant messenger of your choice ... :P