Saturday, February 28, 2009


I relish your sad state
sitting by the window seat.
They reckon you are
meeker than a dog
in the street.

"Take me home", you beg
to every one you see.
Yet no one listens
to your egoistic plea.

Long ago you giggled
at their fate.
Now you repent
but it is too late.

Once you made
them cut throats
of innocents to get you
and now they
call you "An
obsolete rupee note"
of no use.


Anonymous said...

u thrive on uniqueness,
that certain Nan kind of post! :)

loved it... it was awesome!

Anonymous said...

thoughtful !!

kings said...

nan spl ;) nice

Mohita said...

Thought provoking..
I liked the rhyme scheme.

rahul aggarwal said...

that was WOW...

u know what...1 don even come to know what u r talkin abt till v read th last line...

but that was superb...quite thoughtful...

Aparna said...

i didnt know tht ruppee note was the subject untill the end

diff novelity in the concept

gr8 going

Anonymous said...

i can relate i can relate lol!