Tuesday, February 3, 2009

morning, noon and night - part 2

Enough damage to the day already being done I had no particular interest in looking forward to the weekend and besides I was darn sure I would come across other reasons to justify my statement. I got out of the bed sluggishly and folded my bed sheet. Time to brush. My search for the brush in the box ended in vain. I had left my brush upstairs yesterday. It might or might not interest you to know that I have a peculiar habit of brushing upstairs listening to my music player connected to the surround system if am not too late from the walk. I had been early yesterday so the brush was now upstairs. Hating myself for bring early from walk yesterday I climbed the stairs and brushed.

It was 8 A.M. by the time I finished brushing and I could smell mum making potato curry. My mood shifted from bad to worse. Again it is not because that I hate potato curry but that potato curry means it is chapati* for breakfast and obviously the rolling work for me. Another reason to justify that my weekend was not going to be real terrific. To hell with it!

It was time for a shower after rolling out chapatis. My misfortune was not ready to leave me alone even inside the bathroom. I forgot to turn the geyser on and ended up drenched in cold water. All right am not complaining anymore. I was ready to taste mum's potato curry when I heard my granny calling out "kaki ki annam pettava ne?" (Have you fed the crows?). My orthodox family members (or at least my mum and granny) are very particular about feeding the crows before having food in the morning. It is a common belief that our forefathers come back to our home in the form of crows. What ever ! Mum had made rice for grand pa and granny had already filled a small bowl with the rice and asked me to leave it on the terrace.

The clock struck 10 by the time I finished my breakfast. Only then did it strike me that I had to return Robin Cook's "The forgeing body" to the lending library. The incharge had called me yesterday to remind me that the due date had passed. So I took to the bus stand and got into a bus. The library was a half an hour ride from my place. I searched my handbag for the music player only to remember that I had left it back at the office yesterday. No other way to pass the time I decided to start with my so called "Rush hour ramblings" (A term I use to refer to poems I write while traveling in the rush hours) despite the fact that there was no real rush that day.

You seem to enjoy
the shades of blue
As I gently make
a mark on you - he said

your marks stick
on me like glue
for I know your
love is so true - she said

She a paper and he
a mighty pen
I know well that
I have fooled you again ;)

Phew! Done! I was sure that I could call it a day now.

I got down from the bus and reached the destination only to find that the library was closed. Damn my memory it was a Sunday wasn't it? Scorching sun was eating away the 1 milligram brain left inside my skull besindes drinking my cerebro-spinal fluid. I took the bus back to my place and started to "People watch" since this one was comparatively crowded and I was not able to get back to my rambling because I was standing.

I was completely exhausted when I reached home. Lunch time and I thoroughly enjoyed mum's Brinjal gravy with rice. Dad was home and was watching the Australia Vs Newzealand ODI and I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of darling Ross Taylor having a nice time at the crease. Good for him!

I thought the day was to end in a pleasant manner but little did I know that the worst was yet to happen.

Part 3 coming soon :)

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rahul aggarwal said...

hey is it autobiography but in parts???