Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Absurd apprehension

You up root them
one by one.
Afraid, I ask "What
have you done? "

"They will grow back
dear." you say.
Still apprehensive,
I don't give away.

You persuade me
to try it out.
You bring your tool
near and I shout.

Can such a process cause
some one so much fear?
Doubtless! It can
move me into tears.

Despite your assurance
that they would
grow again,
your attempts to make
me prune my eyebrows
will only end in vain.

I still don't understand why the sight of some one threading their brows causes so much fear in me.


த.ராஜசேகர் said...


May b its the fear of pain...

dheena said...

atleast diff from ur usual write up.. ;)

Sanket Rathod said...

that was really um... hair-raising.

Art and Poetry said...

Nice one! good rhyme!

kings said...

hahahaha...i like ur funny rants about common things spruced up with a twist...initially thought it was ur tooth or it must be a tree...gr8 do u do it!!!! :D :P

rahul aggarwal said...

well, i thought it was a puzzle wherein at the end u gonna ask to find out th answer...but anywayz uve posted the answer in ur PS...

nice poem..i mean sumthin weird as the subject itself...hehe