Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Morning, noon and night - part 1

"Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life?
Who, are you to tell me if it's black or white?"

Mum gets irritated every time she listens to Bon Jovi from my mobile. Not that she is against me listening to western music just that it is because that Bon Jovi wakes her up at 6 every morning when he is actually devised to wake ME. I wake up and turn him off as soon as possible before mum threatens to play suprabatham* at 5 A.M tomorrow.

It was time to send a "Good morning darling. Wake up" to Sugan, my school mate who lives on the opposite end of my area. Since she was now home for her so called "MBA research" we walk together in the morning. She was to walk down from her end till the nearby university where my papa works and myself from my end up till the university campus so that we meet and walk for a while inside the staff quarters before returning home. Message sent.

I brushed and freshened up ready to leave when the mobile beeped. Guessing that it must have been another forward by some early bird I was shocked to see that it was from krithi, one hell of a lazy dear, my college mate. Bad day for her. Another forward that read "sweet lines" followed by some blah blah mushy message which I did not find to be sweet. Regretting my hopeless emotional quotient I started to walk. Sugan hadn't yet replied, not even a missed call. Perhaps she ain't out of her cozy bed I thought. Decided to give her a "Be there tomorrow at least idiot" message as soon as I came back home.

I reached the main road in a couple of minutes. The road ends in Maruthamlai the sacred hill near by. The walk is always pleasant. The road was not particularly buzzing with activity since it was a Sunday ( would have been the same even other wise since ours is the farthermost suburb of coimbatore, a majority of occupants being retired couples, families of the staff of the university I referred to earlier and quite a few locals besides lots of street dogs).

After exchanging pleasantries with my high school principal and mentor, Father Francis who lived along with the other members of the CMI society at the hostel near the chapel inside the school premises I stopped to greet Rukmani amma. She was glad to see me. "Vaa kannu. Walking ah?" (Good to see you dear. On a walk eh? ), the question she invariably asks every day to which I replied "aamanga patti. varein" (Yes granny. Ciao). She cuts grass for her goats every morning. Rukmani amma, now well above 60 years of age was one of the construction workers who had worked for building our home 19 years ago. I had known her ever since.

I reached the university. It was time to make a decision. I should either take a right turn into the staff quarters or the left into the university campus. It was a dilemma between catching a glimpse of a flock of gorgeous peacocks inside the quarters or a gang of charming pagal-guy-junta* playing soccer at the stadium inside the campus. In no mood to enjoy mother nature's beauty I took the left with the hopes of starting the day with a bright sight. Sheer bad luck! There was no one at the stadium.

I started walking back when I heard the sacred hymns from the Ayyapa* temple. It would be Prasada* time once the chanting gets over. Prasada is a delicious sweet made of jaggery and rice. I regretted for not having taken a bath. Ayyappa would certainly not be happy with me if I taste the prasada sans bathing. Let go!

I reached home. Sent the message i had thought of sending Sugan once I reach home.

I felt a hard pat on my shoulder. It was mum. She said something. I was not able to hear. I rubbed my eyes. She repeated,

"Sugan just called to the land line. Seems your bloody mobile is out of battery. She had tried it. She is back home after the walk and asked you to be there tomorrow at least."

Oh God! Mobile switched off-> no alarm->I have just woke up. The day had just begun sans walking. No battery in the mobile and no power at home.

Awesome !

Stay tuned for the rest of the day's activity.

suprabatham* - A holy Hindu hymn usually sung or played early in the morning.
pagal-guy-junta* - Do I have to say it refers to the MBA students :P
Ayyappa - A Hindu God
Prasada - Sacred snack distributed in Hindu temples after an auspicious ritual in the morning and evening.

N.B. My first attempt in writing something other than poetry. Looking forward to the feedback.


rahul aggarwal said...

it almost felt like start of a novel...too serene and simple...good work...

kings said...

Like a leaf from a tree, it was a day of your life...that too in dreams... hehehe.. ;)..good nan

mahesh kamath said...

awesome dear... i started remembering 'the malgudi days'
lemme read the rest of it..