Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Morning, noon and night - part 3

After drooling over Ross for sometime I went upstairs and logged into orkut. It had been a long time since I visited my home community in orkut, the "Allari Pillalam" (translates to "mischievous gang") community. It was here that I had learned to speak pure Telugu and so I owe a lot to its members. The community seemed inactive. I felt cursed.

It was 3.30 and the long awaited Man Vs Bull fight was well under way. (For those who cannot relate this to the Roger Vs Rafael Australian open finals am so sorry for your bad knowledge of tennis). I have a superstition. Every time I had watched Roger play a grand slam final he had lost it. Well, Roger had won US Open 2008 lately and I hadn't watched it since the cable operator had dumped us. Having this in mind I decided to follow the scores in the Australian open website rather than joining dad and bro who were watching downstairs. The match was balanced at 1 set each. I just could not resist and went down to see the rest of the match. As misfortune would have it Roger lost set 3.

Unable to watch any further I came back and logged into gtalk. Roger somehow managed to hold set 4 but it was cake walk for Rafael in set 5. Roger needs to come out of this "Rafa" factor if he has any hope left for reaching Pete's heights. Enough of tennis. The worst of the times had just begun. It was time to answer all bull fans. Suraj and Ram in particular and both were online.

Suraj had shown some chivalry and I highly appreciate him for not being harsh.

suraj: watchn rt???
nandhini: u bet
suraj: :P
wat to
watch d last game
nandhini: :P
suraj: countdown starts
nandhini: hush ;)
suraj : 30-0
2 more minutes
1 min 45 sec
*(Roger did manage a deuce but it was Rafael's day)*
suraj: AUS OPEN 2009 CHAMP!!!!
who? roger??
nandhini: to hell with it :P
buzz off :P

All right, coming back to the bull fans. It was just this from Suraj with some more evil laughters and stuff. Thank God he did not make me feel real bad. I was so sorry I had asked him to buzz off. (He dint actually do that though :P )

It was an altogether different story with Ram, my college mate and a Rafael die hard. I am not sure which of his message made me feel pissed off initially and I had reacted in a really bad manner. But it was not nice of him to ask if Roger had won 6 Grand slams when he was 22. He shouldn't have asked such a question and certainly not to me. Again the same buzz off which he quite did. Fuel added to the already burning relation. Who cares? :P ANYTHING FOR ROGER ;) (Sorry though Ram if you happen to read this.)

Fed up with answering the bull fans I logged off and came downstairs to watch Ian Wright show in Travel and Living. I felt relieved. The day was about to end when my bro came home with an evil grin. I regretted for having teased him when Ana Ivanovic had dropped out earlier. Forgetting everything I decided to send "Good Night" messages to every one and retire to bed. The messages were getting unusually late to be sent and I flipped my phone close to go and wish granny good night.

I came back to see how many "Good night" wishes I had got in reply when disaster struck. It was the 1 st of February and my message booster had expired on the 31st of January. Had my mobile been alive this morning and had I sent a "Good morning" to Sugan alone I would have refrained myself from sending group messages. 15 INR wasted on sending messages. Icing on my super disastrous Sunday cake done.

I retired to bed with dreams of a better TOMORROW.


rahul aggarwal said...

since uve mentioned abt feddy's loss in the blog, so ive decided to make "NO COMMENTS" on this perticular post...

a 2 minute silence for the swiss defeat (Please stand up!!!)

anuraj said...

wow what a writing. And sorry for Nadal's victory. I wish ur cable operator will dump u when ever Federer play. But any ways am happy because Nadal has own. Good writing keep it up. i will follow ur blog regularly. Also keep posting topics like this other poetry as well.