Friday, March 13, 2009

Bizzare betrayal

"Not again !", I
hear you screaming.
Still I neglect. My
attitude beaming.

I feel his intense
chill filling my ever
longing lips
He melts in my
warmth and the
pleasure I would 
never skip.

"Enough of it !" I 
hear you whine,
"I will be punished
For no fault of

My love is blind.
But now I repent in dismay.
I have sinned again for
its you I have betrayed.

"I swear you, my NOSE,
I will recover from the
addiction towards him,
the ICE CREAM, for he
is the cause of your grim"

P.S. My nose suffers from a block every time I eat ice cream :(


Arjun said...

hahaha... that was super..!!

Nicely written.. ;)


Sanket Rathod said...

ha ha! this time i got too quick. the word "chill" gave away too soon. :))
anyway... dont give up on ice cream. and now even i feel like havin one :P

rahul aggarwal said...

y do i everytime hav to read it twice???LOL

good work dunn!!!

Dinesh V said...

Naga!, this is first time I have cracked your theme before reading the last Para.

May be you should try your word game better in next poem.

Anonymous said...

what do you eat to get such amazingly innovative ideas?? :)

Marvelous.. :D

Anonymous said...

hahaha, you have an art of bringing out the most unexpected

before i could get all mushy, i read the END lol