Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This nite am standing alone,

That very thing haunting me

God its not gone

Please listen to my plea

I cant bare

The droplets washing my torso

Feeling the clouds stare

And as if bound by a lasso

But little did I know

That when the lightning glowed

All the sins in a row

Had begun to flow

Off my mind

Off my body

Away they flow

There goes even my ego!!


siddu said...

heyyy nandhiniiiiiiiiii nice poemmmmmm....chaalaa baavundhiiiiiiii..... meaningfullll poemmmmmmmm .... !!!!

karthi.P said...
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karthi.P said...

It really didn't look like a first time attempt...
A gud way to start blogging with a fine and neat style.It was really an emotional outburst i suppose. Some of the lines in the poem were really very gud !!! I liked it.Keep blogging Nandhini...
Good day !

rahul said...

hey nanditha that was really wesome peice of work some of the lines have been touching in it

Harry said...

wonderful ... really good poems ... loved reading them ... keep blogging :)