Saturday, October 20, 2007


I started to walk on the leaves the maple had shed

Clouds coming together like the newly wed

Wondering why the weaver's nest was asymmetric

Unable to spot the squirrel only hear the squeak

Blurred were even the images of the windmill

Even the banyan seemed to stand still

Yes, something was wrong with my sight

A world thro the spectacle was really bright!


neethu said...

hi nandhu
hm yeah been went through ur blog its simply superb and cheppali antee chala vundhi and in some point u thoughts are so matured and really its been kewl but konni chinna chinna vi vunnayi gani but its lite......... and the moments u been ploted is really modulated for every one and the back ground colour and the pics suited are good,,,,but okati adugutanu,,,ekkada nunchi copy kottavuu hehehe:P:P:P kididng
all the best keep rocking

mahesh kamath said...

well, this one is really one of ye posts that was very impressing... i could imagine it, but not the amount of thoughts you gave for it... good work! keep writing...