Saturday, October 20, 2007


Today my joy has no bounds

Am gonna got o LORDS the best of the grounds

Here are the two teams in black n blue!

Therez a man lacing his shoe

There goes the bowler in the best of forms

The ball moves away and is wide as per norms

The over z gotta end with 6 balls

coz o the wide its seven in all

Here z a guy to spin the next over

Hurray! The ball has gone over the cover

Oh where z the guy at gully?

Ah! I bet he was silly

He missed a couple o catches

U c, here catches win matches

Hey there is the gully now standing as a point!

God he has a bruised joint!

Look out thats a sixer

Uf cant get it better

A lotta straight n cover drives

Was tat a wicket??? No he still survives

This is a gud ball and the man plays it wrong

Thats his fate he z caught in the long

Here comes the other team to bowl!

To Win This is their goal

Hang on! Thats a sixer n the ball z gone

One o them get a century n the crowd turns on!

This is the ultimate moment of tension

One ball n one run

Last ball of the last over!

Goodness its all over!

The match is drawn and there z the departure!

But wait were i here jus for this from Manchester?

I ve had enough hurts, stamps and blows

N must go home with damaged claws

Though i kno a lot bout the wickets

I cannot play the game of cricket

Wonder who i am?

Just a CRICKET on a case of jam!

Oops! Someone z gonna stamp me, yup! Thought i lost ma breath!

Oh every time i come here its a game of life n death!


pranayalekha said...

hey nandhini wot ur sayin iz xactly is like a cricket game..v shud bat so many bowlers nd also v cn bowl such peak tymzz....ur comparisoin iz fabulous ra....keep it up...god bless ya...nd all de best

lohith said...
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sudhi said...
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sudhi said...

hey nandhini cricket ni reallife tho compare cheyalanna thought bagundhi .enka real things friendship n love elantivi kalipi rayadaniki try chei enka chala baguntundhi.

chala baga rasav keep it up.....

neethu said...

hey ne comparision chala bagundhi and idheee evvvarina chuste(well educated presons and elerly persons)tey 'll select u as creative girl ani,,,endhuku antee,,,ee thought's ravadam chala kastam and fram cheyadam vunko thing,,,,u r framing and the tag's u been attacher is simply amazing and being a girl and thinking in vast and narrow mind u done a g88 job,,,,,,,anteeee distiunguish cheyadam lo bagundhi,.......
any ways inka manchiga rayali...................>>>>>>>>>keep rocking sweet heart:P:P:P

siddu said...

hai nandhiniii..
nice workkkkkk ... !!!
..keep it upp.!!!
i liked ur poemss esppp.!!!
newayzzzz all da besttttt...hope to u see more frmm uuu byeeeeeeee.!!!

vikramkrishna said...

Nice work .. Keep Going .DOn't sop this work in between . All the Best for a great future .,

mahesh said...

Nandhni very nice. You have the real talent please keep writing. It improves your way of thinkling and also it gives you a critical thinking mind...All the best!!!!!

kvijayendran said...

Good one

SandO said...

รเxєя ƒσя tнเร !!!!