Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MOTHER EARTH look at your so(i)n

Alone he stood

At the corner of the hall

Longing for a glimpse

Behind the wall

It was not the fault

Of this ten year old

Nor the lords

To whom he was sold

That now he z standing here

Bare foot, sans shirt to wear

Not enough if

Mahatma calls in HARIJAN

Its time mother for u to

Look after your son!

(Dedicated to all children who are away from their family coz of drought!)


Anonymous said...
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neethu said...

super,,keka,,,sexy annacho anakudadho teliyadhu gani sexy:P:P
hmmmm actual ga nenu okati cheputhanu,,,,naku chala pogaru,,,,and i feel na english kanda inka evvaridhi bagodhu ani,,,i feel 2 be in top while giving some poetery quotes,,,,,,,but naku ippudu chala ego ga anipistundhi wen seeing this blog:P:P:P hehe,,,,
actually thanu chala chala chala baga rasindhi and really fantastic,,,,,and nevvu chala mature ga vunnayi ne thoughts,,,i think u can participate in national lever poetry or u can be a member of serving qoutes for national level's,,,,,,,
hmmmmmm super cheppavu and comparison bagundhi and ur dedication 2 words children is nice
i mean ee time lo andharu love and lol antaru and blog 'll be abt love but u prove tat u been thinking abt the children and its nice

Babu said...

I waz speechless aftr reading ur poems n had no words 2 say...den thought ur talents has 2 b really appreciated n it ll boost u bring out ur talents n create lots of things in future

"MOTHER EARTH look at your so(i)n"

the title itself speaks...

ur thoughts r really different n keep growg it...

this one z really touchy n starting wth senti touch :)

all b best 4 ur future creations n
i wanna c more n more 4rm u, k

mahesh kamath said...

this one is really touching... i found something similar in all your works... you empathize all the characters in the writings... that brings life to ye blog... i love it... and of course this one is worth appreciation and should be in the limelight... some how try some way to bring this piece of work to the majority of the youngsters... it can help them think, of course to them who really think for a while... post this in communities... it can help a lot...