Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reasonless Seasons

Scorching heat of the sun

Paralyzing me like a stun gun

The very thought of a cool drink

Will vanish when I see her blink

And in the spring when I fight

With my brother for a kite

My heart will sink on seeing

Her longing to have a wing

A pink jerkin this season?

No, that had no reason

Since the biting winter chill in the morning

Told me she was even devoid of proper clothing

All that I could give her

Were a can of drink, a kite and a sweater

And when asked what the new year day meant to her

“A day with 3 meals” was her answer


vivek said...

hmmmmmmmm nice poem
emi poem lo english naku nachaledhu :(

oka pani cheyyii don't mind...konni sentenses lo meaning ful ","kamma it looks nice :)
and over all the poem was kewl and nice......just konni sentenses correct ga frame avvaledhu..........

ayyi tell me emi ayyindhi level of skill tagginatu ani pinchindhi..........

any ways u rock and nice pic poem darlinggggggg

Mahesh Kamath said...

as i used to say before,
the strength of ye poems is that you empathize roles...
very much similar is this,
here you've tried to show how far things lie between us and a good portion of human

kind, who barely earn a full stomach meal a day...
Indeed life'z a blessing for us...
but seldom do we realize that....
Good work da... hats off to you...
Keep working....
One more thing... you have a good taste for choosing pictures...
that one suits very much... ah one doubt... how do you start with? first selecting pic and then composing the poem or the other way round?

All the best buddy!

lohith said...


ur my lioness yaar
i have breeded u [:P] to a very gud poet
where is the treat


super ree how can u do this?

ravindranath tagore alias nandy alias lohith's friend

sandyy said...

hey nandhini,

lyrics were excellent....n try 2 make some more better yaaar...