Thursday, November 29, 2007


Neethu, Mahesh bhaiyya, Babu, Lohi, Rahul, Siddu and Pranaya Thank u so much all of you for the constant support you offer me. Thank you for spending your valuable time reading my poems and offering your suggestions. I will always need your support in the future as well. Do keep reading and leave your comments.



vivek said...

ur most welcome nandhu......and its our pleasure in commenting ur poems

Ramesh said... telling sincerely i never gone through u r poems ...till now..i used to jus give a glance and go...from here ...this is the first time i read u r peoms...simply superb....
i dont find another word for u speaking from my heart ....keep going Nadhini....i have a lot of respect for u sorry to tease u sorry for that...i never thought such a good poet is hidden in u ...Keep rocking Nandhini...i'lll regularly visit u r blog if u give permission enter u
BYEEE for now..