Monday, February 15, 2010


You aid my
quest to solace
by skillfully
executing that
painless slaughter

of a heart
instructed to
incessantly display
a casual smile off
a crimson crayon

the intsense acidity
born of sulphate
and water

carefully revealing
the the brown ring
of ferrous ions

I stop smiling
that painful smile
and sob at ease
only to see you
disappear in a while.



great wording and flow of language..a n acid drop tht eats thru ur consciousness..Bravo Madam..encore!!!!

Nandha said...

Eppudi ippadiyelllam.....

Super liricks

but ennakku onnume puriyalla

Sanket Rathod said...

Whoa! that's quite soul piercing!

But what's with the chemistry in-between? While tending to lead a bit too astray from the original theme, it does does the job of delivering the sting.

The whole thing makes me think of asking someone to look away at knife-point, just because i can kill them at ease.

(i'll shut up now! :P)

rahul aggarwal said...

being a chemical engineer...this poem reminded of my college days...hours spent in the lab experimenting with the acids there...