Saturday, October 17, 2009

Resounding Quiescence

I stand hastily
wrapped around
in a filthy garment.
Perhaps it is
adequate; for I
am dormant.

You hesitate
to tread into
my frontier.
What is it in me
that you fear ?

The ruggedness
of my skin
or the sheer
hopelessness of my
ghastly grin ?

Fear not; I am just
a lonely scare crow.
Neither a friend
nor a foe !


Vishnu said...

is tht filthy garment a saree??

nan said...

I dont understand your perspective.
According to me the filthy garment is any garment that one would use to cover the hay used to build a scare crow.
Would you mind explaining your understanding ?

Anonymous said...

scare crow? :-o :D

another Nan piece, with that surprise ending!! :)

Vishnu said...

well.. the occasion was diwali.. so i thought u were portraying urself in a saree.. and the last 2 paras tell abt wen u went out wearing the saree.. it made sense to me.. nw wat were u trying to tell?? it seems tht even leo is a bit confused..

SG said...

Nice one. First time here. You may be quiet and inactive now. But I would not consider you a lonely scarecrow. I would take it as "calm before storm".

nan said...

well vishnu leo is not confused on the write he z surprised as to why i wrote on a scare crow. he knows my style :)

well i was just trying to portray a scare crow with some hidden message ( just like crows are scared of the scare crow for no reason at all; some people hesitate to get along with some others for a variety of silly and stupid reasons like color of their skin, their background, if the other person is infected with some disease etc.etc.)

got it ?

Vishnu said...

gotcha.. nice..

HaRy!! said...

ena oru ending.... kaka va bayamurutha!! ha he ho..cya in the next blog!

Vik said...

Good words... I like it.