Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dark depiction

I decide against the
tints and hues
over speculations of
infinitesimal use.

A sheet of
white with streaks of
black squiggled all over.
There it lies,
the message I intend
to deliver !

Filled with
the aberrant signs
that are strewn,
I end up making
A cartoon !

Inspired by: This cartoon

Cartoon courtesy: Srivatsan's blog


Srivatsan said...

Hey,why asking sorry?

I should thank you a million times !
I'm so happy that my cartoon has been used as inspiration for your poem! now,i'm jumping between sky and earth virtually!:)

Nice poem!

Vishnu said...

nice.. a sheet of white with black squiggled all over.. did u intend a pun here??

Srivatsan said...

I don't know whether it is a pun or not,but world famous cartoonists do squiggle a lot.Cartoons do rarely come in neat art. An example:

This guy is 3 times pultizer prize winner for cartoons! :P

That doesn't mean that I'm like is that conrad is an inspiration for me!;)

workhard said...


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nan said...

I intend pun in everything i write, the interpretation of which is left to you :)

HaRy!! said...

nice one... now i get to see two blogs @ a innovative way indeed! :)!! think its first time here...wil b visitin yur space..cya!

muthu said...

Interesting as usual.. :)