Thursday, May 14, 2009

A note of contradiction

In reply to a certain comment by muthu
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No matter what
comes down from 
my pen;
an elegy or ode;
of loss, betrayal
or a gentle caress.

This is me
I write for pun.
Nothing more 
and nothing less

It is not pain that
rules this world.
There is irony,
absurdity and a
dozen other notions
less explored

You write of love
and the pain that follows;
I will stay back 
and let my pen present
the deprived with
a deserving halo.

Ah and I know you'll not agree to this. 
But this is what I am and will be.


ABHISHEK SiM said...

very smart :) and out of the colored glass image.

"I will stay back
and let my pen present
the deprived with
a deserving halo."

- a very righteous motto.

poetry never was nor will be pain's subordinate. aptly said: "It is not pain that rules this world."

i read a few of your other poems - thanks for celebrating life and not lamenting it. thanks for the cheers you spread. thanks for the smiles, the surprises.

ABHISHEK SiM said...

yeah - me first and second!

Sanket Rathod said...

hey! i'm not the one to quote britney spears often but -- #stay that way...# :)

Anonymous said...

Abhishek just said it all... I don't think he's left anything out!!!

Ah and I know you'll not agree to this. But this is what I am and will be. We write for ourselves, our happiness, our gratification :)

If truth be told, it ABSOLUTELY doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of it :)

Kudos to the wonderful reply that you've put up :)

Anonymous said...

as sanket quoted..- stay that way..


Arjun said...

u r wat u r ... stay that way nan... shimplee :P

Infact it's kinda good being ur way... :)


rahul aggarwal said...

that's y they (don know who) say..."be what u r"


rahul aggarwal said...

btw, nans..m comin bak to bloggin now..very soon..

Ragpicker said...

Finally you are back ! nice writes - very soulful words you have got there !!!

P.S: Thanks for reminding - I need to buy a new pen :P

Chronicwriter said...

you punny girl



Anonymous said...

good one Nan! :)

Viji said...

for pun it is :) fantastic lines

Chaarz said...

You cudn't hve answered bck in a better way..

And as far as writing is concerned, i feel you shud write what attracts you, compels you to pick up the pen--thrz nethn like any hardcore stuff which you hve to write about to be considered a gud writer..

Happy writing..:)

madhava said...

A little sounds like Kamala Suraya's poetry. Nice way of posing your self identity

PULKIT said...

why wont one agree...
each of work for a writer is very personal and close to ur heart!
I can understand ur expression dear!

VISIT My blog too... hope ul like it

SHWETHA said...

.....But I agree with you!

muthu said...

haha... Like U have said at the end, I will never ever agree with you. And no I am not sak to 2 write abt stuff such as pain, love. I am always 4 writer's freedom but really

But I think--

If it doesnt melt ur heart, it isnt romance enough-

If it doesn't make U think a bit, then it isnt worth enough 2 have spent time reading-

Every writer I believe leaves a bit of his own self in his writing. From geniuses to us- its the same.

I love the way U have with words... & I appreciate U 4 tat... but then

I still stand by wat i said earlier--- pain is poetry. Love is poetry. Mother is poetry. Nature is poetry. Sex is poetry. Marriage is poetry.

only when we feel strong abt something we get the ink to flow as poetry. &

pain is the strongest feeling of em all....

"It is not pain that
rules this world.
There is irony,
absurdity and a
dozen other notions
less explored"

Irony, Absurdity are all just words tat we have come up with to deal with stuff like love, pain etc I have quoted above.

Sorry 2 differ.