Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blood stain

I had not written anything off late, save reading other blogs and commenting. Been a lifetime since I visited the realm of writing, the Writers Lounge. No excuses for the fault lies with me. I am not completely back to blogosphere yet.

I stare at your 
crimson blood still 
staining my 
guilty palm.
I regret and repent
yet remain in a
ghastly calm.

In a moment or two
I shall wash you
off my hand.
You will fade away
leaving behind  the
blood strand.

I remember you
never had issues
with me
yet I crushed, pounded
and eventually
killed you, Mehendi.


Ragpicker said...

In a moment or two
I shall wash you
off my hand.
You will fade away
leaving behind the
blood strand. <----

Guess what you wont believe theres an amazing track called "Hang On" by a grunge band called Seether. check its lyrics and you will be surprised how amazingly this poem seems like a carry forward of this track.

And as usual great work ! Loved the flow. Hibernation from blogosphere is injurious to health. :)

Satans Darling™ said...

I love the element of surprise in your poetry :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Ashri.. you always leave me awed.. :)

Arjun said...

hehe... wow.. awesome nandini... ;)

Initially when i read this- In a moment or two
I shall wash you
off my hand.
You will fade away
leaving behind the
blood strand.
I was like... wats this?? So Strong :P
hehe.. but then.... good one ya..


vicky said...

My first comment.... Awestruck!

Sanket Rathod said...

"indigenously" Femme Fatale !!!
:) ;) :P

muthu said...

you have a good way with words.... but i think it's a pity that you never handle hard and painful topics like love, death, pain etc....

remember pain is poetry.

Chronicwriter said...




Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Very well put :)

Anonymous said...

ah the award looks gorgeous on your blog.. :) well deserved nan.. congratulations.. :)

ABHISHEK SiM said...

first time here.
I read a few of ur other poems as well - i love the way you surprise!

p.s.: blogrolled!

rahul aggarwal said...

that was brilliant..til th end i just thought that u r discussing abt some blood stains of the murder happened till i reached the last word of this beautifully described "blood stain" poem....

awesomely awesome

madhavarajan said...

this poem reminded me of shakespeare's creation - Lady Macbeth. she washes her hand in the second half of the play just to get outta the guilt of killing king Duncan.. Mehandi is not a guilt!:-)

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

Poetry is the best way of expression isnt it??
Good one..

Viji said...

that was clever Nandhini :) liked it immensely...

Aditi..............:) said...

I cam here because of Kajal, i am so happy that I came!
You are amazing.....keep it up...would love to read more and more!! :)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i was amazed by reading this particular poem. :)

mahesh kamath said...

good work da, sorry couldn't go through ye blogs for long...
As always you do great with that riddle kinda writings...
keep going and going... :)

Anonymous said...
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