Saturday, January 17, 2009


Memories swirled in
my mind
how i had been
a part of all this
from behind

I had brought her in
Now she suffers
I had committed a sin

Oh god ! She was
stripped naked
all her parts were
tormented !

she was drowned
and there ended
the hound

Tears rolled down
my cheeks, I was the
culprit in my opinion
guilty to the core

"Hush girl !"
My conscience intervened
"That is just an ONION
you got from the store"


Anonymous said...

u make me think of one thing with the words... and then at the very last, BOOM... its something completely different! :)

awesome nan!

rahul aggarwal said...

i agree with Leo!!!

hey, but next time while cutting, peeling it naked :-)..i wont ever think of ur poem...hehe

anoop erakkil said...

good one nan! as always...the twist in the end.!superb!

zabi said...

Where do u get this crazy ideas....juss kdding. cool 1

Sanket Rathod said...

hee hee hee hee... good one!

you might wanna use a really sharp knife next time, reduces onion tears. (dont cut urself!)

RiverSoul said...

You always remind me of O'Henry. . .

His stories always had a hilarious twist in the end...
Love the way you take your poetry

:) said...

I never knew cutting an onion can inspire a tragical,poetic and a humourous twist in a writer.


Like in previous comment, reminding me of the famous writer O'Henry and his works. We used to have his stories in our english prose and we used to love them being read out by our english teacher.

Shimmer said...

haahaa :D that was nice..

was begining to think it was just another sad poem.. good that i red it till the end. :D

Anitha said...

Nice one ;)

Anonymous said...

that was gosh!! .. a deep write turned topsy turvy :D !! good one

jack said...

hey that's amazing, believe me nandhini i have become your fan :), its a art to see simple things and imagining and portraying it into completely different thing

good work
keep writing :)