Thursday, January 29, 2009

An inspirational sacrifice

He was ushered into the
desolate domicile and
placed on the altar
I took a peep
ceasing the chat
with my lodestar

He laid still with
his upside down
his 8 pack abdomen in
diverse shades of brown

His body was torn
apart with ease
I wonder if his
soul had rested
in peace

The sinner stood
sans guilt
for his poach
As I paid my tribute
to the martyr
a Mr.Cockroach

For he had played a part
in making me wise
and I was INSPIRED
by his sacrifice

N.B. A tribute to the cockroach that was dissected 7 years ago in my skoolz biology lab for the sake of our studies


rahul aggarwal said...

that was funny, a tribute to a cockroach...what's coming up next after onion, cockroach??
u make me remember of Raju srivastav(a standout hindi comedian and poet) who use to present minute, missed out, ignored but yet important intricacies of our daily lives.. in an all humorous manner..
good work nandhni..

Sanket Rathod said...

Roaches are supposed to survive most extinction level events. So dont worry, they'll be dissecting US after the worst happens. ha ha!

pen, onion, cockroach... great series going!

Zabi said...

that was one helluva(it ur word) poem. U surprised us all again. words are wonderfully placed.

Random traveler said...

Mr.cockroach must feel good from the heavens. :)

Ragpicker said...

"cockroach approach" brilliant !!! reminds me that its been a long time since I had eaten a cockroach.

Thanks so much for reviving that hunger again !!! God bless you Nan :)