Sunday, October 21, 2012

A thousand worthless words

Sluggishly traversing
the cramped tunnel
in search of light

The blues adorn instead,
a broad expanse
of barren white

Erased, replaced
and mercilessly stricken off
The perpetual yearning
grows ever intense

To rather be a part of
an image, trapped
through the reflex
of a single lens

A writer tries to pen down a memory on a sheet of paper and has a certain way with it ;).
And the memory thinks it would be better off if it were photographed by a camera.


muthu said...

hmhm... interesting perspective.. :) But I have always thought that writing about something is more personal than a photo- hence is more intriguing...

nan said...

Hey what do you think .. That I dont second your opinion.. ? I was just wondering what the memory would feel fortunate to be a part of .. Our writings or a picture ;)

Rahul Aggarwal said...

very interesting .. photographs and writing i believe complements each other...

hey Nandhini, how are you ..?

how's life...good to see you back after such a long time...


V said...

Loved the idea behind it. Have felt the exact same thing!